Thursday, 17 December 2009

Santa? Panda?


Ho Ho Ho! I look like Santa and a Panda!! It's snowing wooohooo and this panda hat is perfect for it :) My rabbit muff is also the best hand warmer you've ever I said before, my real Mom made it for me last Xmas, it's beautiful.
I just found out that Gossip Girl isn't back till March and I have to say I still need to recover from that outrageous news...

I am now on holidays, looking forward to the two weeks off, xmas in Lyon, seeing my family, hanging out in my house, eating tons of delicious food...and then seeing mommy e in Oxford and New Years in London with Michael :)

I am making chocolate cakes and drinking tea in my Percy Pig mug, looking at the snow flakes.
Putting the big gloves on tonight: thai boxing to warm me up!

Hat: cute little panda hat, Secret Santa pressie from Laura, River Island
Snood: Brown H&M
Coat: green massive collar, TopShop
Tights: Marks and Sparks
Socks: Knee high, H&M
Boots: vintage brown leather, thrifted
Shirt: plaidy, studdy beauty, BDG at UO
Dress: red bodycon, american apparel

Oh no, the snow stopped...


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hazy Shade of Winter

Hello Blinky!

Fashion is like Physics: nothing is destroyed, nothing is created, only transformed. You think something is gone and Bang! it comes back in your face: 3 years ago, wouldn't have been caught dead in massive shouldered/ epaulette clothes and BAM Balmain arrives and you want them everywhere: blazer, tshirt, sequin dress, you name it! You think you look well cool with wedges, well, my mum was wearing them on her bike back in 1976!
In the same way, you think you create a new look and invent new clothes but the inspiration is always somewhere, you will find that someone in the 1840's was wearing the same type of shoes.
Still doesn't stop me pretending to be an inventor...

For instance, first time I wore this outfit, my colleague said "You look like a Mondrian painting". Thank you very much. Now I now why I liked those colours together. Monochromes; always a winner!
I was also scared that too many colours in the winter days would be sore for the eye, but I think they actually work really well!!

Got this lovely jumper last year in the sale, love it.

Jumper: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel
Dress: black bodycon, UO
Tights: purple, H&M
Shoes: butternut midnight

Be good, Santa is watching you. xoxo

Friday, 11 December 2009

Rudi Zygadlo

Right then. The time has come for The Book Of Right-On to shine a light on somebody that is really pushing our buttons right now. His name is Rudi Zygadlo. Aka Rudi-dog. Not only is his style tip top, but he is also currently producing tons of hella good music. He has just been signed by Planet Mu and has been marked as the-next-big-ting by the music (wo)men in the know. Fashion first, music later.

Rudi's style is suspended somewhere between the upper echelons of old Scottish gentry and the lower levels of a well kept skip rat. His classic dapper chapper attire is seamlessly mixed in with a more modern laid back leisure wear; tailor made hats and fancy shoes sit happily alongside sweatpants and hoodies. He has previously credited his Dad as one of his style icons - a large part of his wardrobe has been half-inched (for you overseas - that's cockney rhyming slang for pinched aka stolen) from his old man's closet. Also, as you can see he accessorizes well, a key necklace is a must-have. In fact his fashion sense is not unlike his music. If you want to pigeon hole it, it's some kinda alternative electronic music, but then again, it's also like nothing you've ever heard before. Check out Rudi's Myspaz to hear it. But as I was saying, akin to his style, his music mixes the classical with the cutting-edge. His song Missa Per Brevis (meaning short mass) has a choral-like ephemeral quality to it, but cutting between that is a thumping, club-heavy bassline and some scratching that even a measles sufferer would be proud of. 

He is named after two Russian ballet dancers.
You have to listen to
his stuff for yourself.

Here is one of his
mixes he did live for Mary Anne Hobbs on her Radio One show, it's at about 1hour 20mins into the show.

Rudi: "Well, here goes, enigma shattered"

Hat: Originally, McLaren Hatters, Glasgow/Edinburgh. From Starry Starry Night, Glasgow
T shirt: John Smedley
Shirt: Daddy's shirt. Tinderfell Originals
Hoody: American Apparel
Leather Jacket: Can't quite read the label. From Watermelon, Glasgow
Belt: Watermelon, Glasgow
Jeans: Levi
Desert Boot: Clarks
Keys: - Timpson's


Photo by Angie Maguire

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Parellel Post

Good Morning Troopers! 

First off - Mummy M looked super hot as the MFF (Mini French Fancy) in the night time outfit of her most recent post. Wowzers - my eyes almost popped out and a bit of dribble escaped me. Also, her day time outfit was super - loving the total mix of colours, patterns and textures. In fact she was such an inspiration I had to go and do a copycat post. If you combine Mummy M's inspiring outfit with the fact I had to attend a similarly fancy art event all resulted in this parallel post.

Last night I went to a charity art auction. The charity, called The Art Room, is an Oxford and London based scheme which works with kids who are having trouble working in mainstream schools. They use the medium of art to help encourage the kids to have more self-confidence, self-esteem and pride. It's a real cool set up which allows these kids to come away from their regular classes to this incredibly inspiring space to create something beautiful. These rooms are a feast for the eyes - they are decorated in amazing art works (by the kids and well recognised artists) and the walls are stacked with paints, jars of buttons, jewels, feathers etc. It's like an aladdin's cave of pure delight. Here they create some amazing things, not just 2d pictures, but they decorate chairs, plates, make puppets... objects they can be proud of and take home. Essentially, it's a bloody good ting. 

So last night they had an auction to raise them some cash money at the Parasol Unit, foundation for contemporary arts. They gave 50 artists a sketch book and they were allowed to decorate it how ever they wished... Some of the artists that were contributed are: Jake and Dinos Chapman, Paula Rego, Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Chris Riddell, Tom Astley.  There were some amazing pieces last night which you can check out HERE.
It's an amazing organisation - look 'em up.

Enough of my nitter natter - lets talk shop.


Kept it simple and cosy yesterday because I was running errands. Cosy cashmere for warmth, comfy shoes for running & Grandma Nagy's belt for nostalgia. My Nagymama used to have a sausage dog as a pet called Bimbo. My Nagy loved this dog - to excess! She would collect all kinds of sausage dog memorabilia which I have been lucky enough to inherit. 

Outfit Jumper: Green cashmere, thrifted.
Belt: Sausage Dog buckle belt, gift from my Grandma Nagy.
Skirt: Black denim, high-waisted, American Apparel.
Tights: 40 denier (ha!) M&S
Brogues: Tweed & tan leather, Office


Pretty much a copycat/monkeymimic of Margaux! When going to a posh event at which when you need to cut the fine line between stylish but not over styled; don a little LBD, jazz it up with jazzy tights, and if you are lucky enough, get your greasy paws on one of William Chamber's pieces of headgear. Go click on Willie's link and pour over some of his fabulous creations which have been perfectly captured in the divine photography of Niall Walker. Roisin Murphy is one of his many fans, she chose to wear one of his pieces on her 2007 tour. His hats have previously featured in some of the campaigns for Glasgow's must-be-seen-at-night, Death Disco. I have looked in my crystal ball and I can predict it will not be long 'til we see Grace Jones wearing one too. Come on Gracie - catch up!

Outfit Dress: Black lycra & chiffon sleeves, Zara
Tights: Wee hearts, tabio
Shoes: Pointy smarties, donated from real Mum, originally LK Bennet
Jacket: Tweed & Velvet collar, gift from real Mum, originally Laura Ashely
Hearwear: Beautiful head piece made from metal grey ribbon, made by the one and only WILLIAM CHAMBERS!

Me and another one of my Mums - SukiMum.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Lean Mean Bean Killing Machine

Im loving Mommy's high waisted mama bum fashion, she rocks them :)
Today's post is a double: day and night.
Daytime outfit is a combination of new and old, my new favorite shirts, new lovely tights, presents from Mommy, vintage butternut squash fantastico boots and vintage skirt and vest.
Nightime outfit is all chic and French! I went to a Fundraising dinner for Glasgow contemporary art venue Studio Warehouse. It was great fun, tables were hosted with artists like Jim Lambie, Martin Boyce, Robert Carlisle, and special guest Pam Hogg for the opening of her exhibition. Pretty wacky. She was pretty low key: mini spandex caplet, spandex leggings and yellow hair. Way cool.
Also cool music artists like Optimo DJ Johnny Wilkes.

Right enough name dropping.
Most important is that I got to wear an amazing mini beret made by my friend William Chambers, the best milliner in the UK, see by yourself.
A mini beret for a mini French girl, how cliche you're gonna say. Well maybe, but it worked wonders, my biggest momment was when this tall model in the toilet (still twice my size even with my high heels) said "Aw you look like...Amelie". Cheers, pal.
Merci Willie!!!

Now you tell me what you think.


Shirt: studdy, tartany plaid shirt, BDG
Vest: vintage from real Mim, originally from Amsterdam
Skirt: leather vintage from last year
Tights: polka dots, M&S, present from Mommy
Shoes: Butternut squash midnight booties, vintage,

Oh yeah, new haircut too :)


Eh, should have probably slowed down on the Terracota here, Hello Clownie!

Dress: shimmery wooly dress, All Saints
Jacket: mini tuxedo, H&M
Tights: cute wee lovehearts,
Shoes: red high patent leather, Free Lance
Bangle: present from Ponette from Miami
Earrings: chosen by lovely Michael, Metal Pointu
Hat: Amazing mini beret, on loan,

Oh yeah, love beans. SCBz.

Style Chain Gang

So being like a newbie (or whatevs the correct internet lingo is for newcomer) I dinnae know a thing aboot this Style Chain thing... but I want in on the Style Chain Gang! Saw this over at This Time Tomorrow, run by the lovely Krystal. She has been the source of plenty of inspiration for Mummy M and myself - and now more than ever. Don't feel too bad about thieving/being inspired by her as she was previously inspired by Julie from Orchid Grey and Christina from Second Skin. We are all like dominos. Hope they don't mind me muscling in on this one... 

Krystal from This Time Tomorrow

Christina from Second Skin

Julie from Orchid Grey

Initially I tried this look minus the tweed jacket and although it looked pretty snazzy, it wasn't photographing very well. Dunno why like. Also these tights are a damn lot bluer on film then really life. Going for dinner my girls tonight (aka The Wheels) so this outfit is gonna get road tested. Varrrooooom.

My colour inspiration for this outfit was from a tapestry (yes this is a tapestry!!) that I picked up in France... ve morning I wake up and she is peeking at me from the end of my bed. I can't wait for my next flat - this is going to be the icon piece for inspiration for the whole flats vibe and decor. 70's sultery chamber for minx and her pussy.

Jacket: Tweed, Old school M&S, aka St Michael's, gift from real mum.
Scarf: Huge, itchy, three-tone pink number, thrifted from Watermelon, Glasgow.
Skirt: Tartan pencil skirt (hitched up to mini-size with the belt), hand-me-down from Kate, originally Topshop.
Belt: Tan leather, some vide grenier in France.
Shoes: Tan cowboy dingoes, Toriamunoz 's etsy shop

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fargo, far good.

Smack on the back of my hand from Mumski M as I have been neglecting my BORO duties. This I partly blame on rain, rubbish battery life on my breaking-down camera and the fact I've not been getting glammed up in any glad-rags this week. However, I am always more in favour of comfort over style (is this ok to admit this in the fashion forward world we live in?) and I did not think it appropriate to post pictures of me in sweat pants and a Tintin/Dizzee Rascal/No Doubt Tshirt (delete as appropriate). Acutally, heard a rumour that sports wear is making a big come back so watch out for slobby sweat pant posts. 
Jack Frost is back in town and is frequenting most localities and he has demanded knitwear, fur-lined hats and waterproof footwear. Put it all together and you have this look ------------------> School exchange student meets Frances McDormand in Fargo.

If you wish to see an animated version of this outfit please scrollllllllll down.

Love the fact that Mummy M is the chic French fancy of this website, whilst I am fronting for the tawdry tomboys. Also still very much rolling deep and wide in my high waisted items at the moment. The make of these jeans are F.U's! Which I like to think stands for "eff you mate"! How rude. As all of us who own any kind of posterior will know, the high waisted, skin tight jeans can act as a magnifying glass. But I am trying to take inspiration from the Mahotella Queens... 100% sure these girls didn't have a stylist. And I am 99% hopefully that they were wearing F.U's jeans too, cos they would certainly flick a V to anyone who didn't get their look. Mahotella Queens - voices of angels and bottoms of inspiration!! Include a song of theirs below for you too...


Here is one of their songs. Beautiful Africa beat for your pleasure - by their flares you might be able to tell that they were at the height of their fame during the late 70's. And they are still going today...

Real Hi-NRG, HD quality, VHS format video below. Watch me strip off.

If you like the intro I've used in this video... you've been listening to Mirage, modern day disco from the Italians Do It Better Label. Download this song here
Mirage - Still Looking For Luv
Hat: Faux fur, waxed green hunting hat, Rokit 
Jumper: White snowflake knitted number, thirfted. 
Jacket: Brown leather gift from Stuart at FOUND
Jeans: Label says F.Us, brought from FOUND 
Shoes: Reebok Freestyle hi-tops, 25 Anniversary edition, Office

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Clowning aboot...

So, went to Pressure last night, very busy, very hot and Boys Noize was pretty bangin! The thing with Pressure is that you can't dress up too much or you look out of place, and then there's the endless questions: why wear fancy high heels when you can wear dirty plimsoles, why wear vintage jewellery when you can wear a glow stick as a bracelet?
Well, "Vous etes des animaux!"
Going for a haircut on Tuesday, finally, inspiration: Alice Glass from Crystal Castles, dirty rat style!
It's cold outside and I couldn't be bothered wearing a skirt so I went for jeans and this lovely vintage ruffled waistcoat. A nice pair of high heels (had to change into my plimsoles to stomp on Boys Noize) with, listen to this, SOCKS, green ones. Oh aye. Apparently red and green should never be seen except on the Queen. But then we decided I was the queen of the flat so it's fine.

The outfit:
Jeans: black skinny, Asos
Top: black, UO
Waistcoat: black, silk 1970's vintage. Retro, Glasgow
Belt: vintage, thrifted
Socks: green, H&M
Shoes: red patent leather, Free Lance, from my sister's wedding last year :)
Bracelet: gold cuff, present from Miami

Still a disco dancer.


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Gangster Nan

Been feeling homesick for Glasgow these last few days, especially now I see Mummy M dressed up to the nines and talking about celebrating Jamie's bizday with carrot cake. Makes me a little jelly louse. And on top of that my spiritual sisters, ahem, Peace, Harmony, Rosie & Claire all celebrated a joint bizday up in Scotland too.... Owww ouch my heart is aching for yous lot. So to console myself I've been spending the last few days wrapped up pure cosy and going for lengthly walks along the canal and across the meadow. But today I decided to shake of my soggy sneakers and get a bit glamour nana. Well that's the look I was going for but think I ended up a sexually confused gangster. Lost somewhere half way between Al Capone and his mole...

Also - straight after these fotaes I went and got my mop cut! Bye bye Ringo Starr - hello twelve yr old! Look a bit like this photo (click here!!) (Mummy M you'll like this!)
Back on track: In a perfect world I would wear high-waisted nana trousers with button down shirts everyday. Come to think of it, there's not much to stop me from doing that... Love a bit of high-waisted trouser pant - upside is your waist looks teeny, downside can make your thighs/bum all plums and pear shaped. Solution to that is stick a pair of heels on and your legs look like longer and stringier and like they almost reach your armpits. These lemon curd coloured pants only cost me 1 euro to boot! They were from Emmaus in France - a 2nd hand store where homeless people are given jobs. Great scheme & all their clothes are ONE EURO! Last time I was there I wanted some blue high-waisted leather pants but my real Mumski found them so disgusting she wouldn't let me buy them. Mammoth regret.
Also fully in to wearing tomboy chic. Love the way a man's shirt can look on - especially with the top button buttoned. Sometime keeping your boobs stashed away is just as good as getting them oot. Decided to put this all with my MAHOOSIVE grey Farah cardigan seeing as I haven't taken it off all week, Nagymama's (aka Granny Eva's) fur stool, trilby and brogues. Felt uber advanced style grandma chic and very happy in this outfit. Shame I was so busy counting down the seconds on the camera timer that I forgot to give out a grin. Grumpy Gramps.

Shirt: Blue checked mens, H&M
Cardigan: Grey chunky, Farah.
Trousers: Lemon yellow peg pants, thrifted (so stealing that Yank word).
Fur Stool: God knows what animal it is, Grandma Eva's.
Shoes: Brown tweed brogues, Office.
Hat: Grey customised trilby, UO.

Also been spending a lot of time with my pal Mama Moomin Mary (only just recently realised all my pals have Mum-esque nicknames, probably very Freudien or sum sh*t). She has been the companion for the meadow walks. After one of these walks previously mentioned, I got her round my yard to have a dig through a box of old clothes I was going to drop off at a charity shop. Usually I am a total hoarder, I don't like parting with anything cos I know one day it'll be kool again. But this box was stuff I have not touched in years upon years upon years... and Mary comes along, just chucking a few things on to see if they fit and as I'm saying "I won't be offended if you don't want anything, it all went out of fashion when man first learnt to make fire", I turn around and BHAM! She's totally got this amazing look going on out of all the stuff I thought was rubbish. So I twisted her arm a bit and said purlease lemme take photos! Finally she said yesssss and let me play stylist by adding a few accessories. Seems to me she somewhat resembles an Irish Gypsy lady who would invite you into her barge, read your fortunes out of tea leaves and play you a ditty on her spoons. What d'y thunk? (excuse dark fotos = didnt have much light)

Trilby & Stool as above.
Skirt: Black full skirt, Warehouse
Shirt: Cream lace, thrifted.
Waistcoat: Grey, thrifted.
Belt: Green cotton, somewhere in Guatemala.
Shoes: Low ankle cowboy boots, etsy.
Brooch, necklace, earrings: thrifted.