Monday, 2 August 2010

Birthday in Edinburgh

My family got together for a very special occasion, my Dad's birthday. We all met in Edinburgh and had a fantastic time hanging out in the city, drinking whisky, chilling out in the Missoni Hotel and eating amazing food.

Here are some shots of the hall of the hotel, with crazy stripy carpets and red wall. The hotel is beautiful, the colours and shapes are just candy for the eye!

A little taste of the bedroom: curtains, bathrobes and bed throw...and the view of course. Perfectly located on the Royal Mile, the view of the grey skies and green grass was gorgeous.

We took a walk in the city, checking out the castle, hiding away from the rain in the super cool vintage shop Armstrongs (where I got this little bonnet and the cutest blue socks) and drying up around a nice cup of tea/ pint before a crazy night in Rhubarb.

Focus on the castle :)

Focus on the hasbeens in the cobbled streets...

More of the party outfit very soon :) Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer, it's been raining here and I don't like it!

Shirt: sheer blue shirt with velvety polka dots, The Kooples, present from Mim and Pip.
Trousers: grey, zipper, Sessun on sale, which means I know have the dress, playsuit and trousers haha
Vest: black, UO
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
Hat: Vintage tweedy bonnet, Armstrongs
Belt: brown leather, H&M