Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hubble Date

Went on a Hubble Date at the IMAX Cinema. It was fantastic. 3D Glasses are definitely the best accessory! Hubble 3D is a documentary about...well Hubble and the Universe. It's absolutely brilliant, makes you feel all small and funny to know that the Earth is only a tiny wee thing compared to what's out there.
Did I mention it was narrated by the one and only Leonardo Di Caprio...I always knew we would be reunited somehow!

Everything I am wearing, apart from my shoes, is under £10 and it makes me very proud. The shoes, are Marc Jacobs. They were a present to go work in San Francisco. I wore them straight away when I arrived, and it rained for 2 weeks! The blue is now tainted green on the sides...I try to look after them now.

Blouse: Thrifted, St Michael silk blouse
Vest: Vintage white from Mom, originally Amsterdam
Trousers: BDG from UO high waisted blue cropped trousers
Socks: Little white sockets from
Shoes: Marc Jacobs

Flying away in the Hubble Bubble...

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Inspiration2 - Grey


I have a big crush on Grey right now, I think it's perfect to ease your way into Spring. It looks great with khaki/ purple/ white/ black/ pink...and can look very classy or very relaxed.
Look how cool Margherita Missoni looks, I've always been a big fan of her style.

Finally I discovered Elisa Nalin in the French Vogue, article by Garance Dore (and photo as well). She looks so chic and relaxed in this Paul Ka shirt...I love it.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, it's nice and warm today in Glasgow, perfect day for my Hasbeens... 

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Office Outfits pt 2. Camouflage from the waist down.

Work outfits a go-go. After work met my bruv and went to see Avatar, he had to offer to pay for my ticket AND my dinner just so he could have a pal to go with. Ahhh bless! Totally digging the Nav'i's King and Queens outfits gonna fashion myself a summer festival outfit a bit like the dad's feather shoulder puffs here... watch this space). All night he kept making cowboy noises and challenging me to a quick draw. Aye he is a wee bit spesh but he also claimed I looked like a ranch rustler...

BIG up Marijan and the mis-matched red and pink. 
Clashing colours and clashing patterns are HOT on the cards this summer.

Went to see an amazing Quilt exhibition at the V&A. Quilts through the ages 300 years ago all the way up to Tracey Emin and even a very thought evoking quilt made by the inmates of Wormwood Scrubs prison. It has inspired me to make a quilt for my niece/nephew that's on the way. Went back home and collected loads of scraps of material, my dad's old pyjamas, my old dresses, mum's hankies, brother's halloween outfits... This quilt is gonna be off the hoooook.

After I left the exhibition I couldn't stop noticing A>C>E floor tiles of the V&A museum. 


Tweed trousers: Topshop
Shirt and tie: Asos.
Belt: Gap.
Shoes: etsy.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Taking the Goat on a Ride

Took the Goat for a little ride after work today. Found a pretty lane just round the corner from the flat. The Goat was very happy. And so was I (as shown on the above creepy photo).

Got these lovely tights on, had to wait a good 4 weeks for them to arrive but it was well worth it! And then, I dropped Michael's bike on my leg, they are both scarred forever. Makes me look tough though.

Bought this gorgeous jacket last year, it's Agnes b. but I got it in a charity shop for cheap: bargain hunter! It's so soft it's like being in my pyjamas. (Apologies for the granny tights look...)

Amazing Indian buttons detail.

Back on the road for more adventures.

Jacket: Grey velvet Blouson Fifre, Agnes b.
Blazer: Grey Silence + Noise
Cardigan: Grey Comptoir des Cotonniers
Dress: TopShop
Tights: Calvin Klein, from
Shoes: Black Brogues, Schuh
Bike: Goat.

Inspiration - Early Spring

White, Beige, Camel, Cape and Flowers for a chilly Scottish Spring
Yang Du S/S10
Love this Happy Hungry Hippo number!

Love everything about this, especially the antlers!

Photos: Mr Newton x 2; Face Hunter, readplatform, Sartorialist.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Fit cheeks Mary working the red lippy and the bowler hat. Dibs on borrowing this dress-come-jacket. Her sex is on fire.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Good Twin // Bad Twin


Who's a lucky girl then? Me! I was spoilt rotten with not 1, but 2(!) visits from Maman Margaux and Mikey.

 After a Greek salad in Camberwell's most delightful cafe, Johansson's (read a review here) and some cryptic crosswords we went home for some photos and to do what we do best: EAT MORE. Mommy Ele made us an amazing fish in spicy breadcrumbs and almonds - we should have taken photos. Yumster. Gave us some energy for our night out to see Rudi Zygadlo at the UK's No 1 small club, Corsica Studios. Read about Rudi and listen to his music in a previous post here. Check back soon for another outfit post and review with the man himself....

Mikey still looking fresh after a night's travel.

Follow the Green Pole


E + M
Good Twin + Evil Jazz Twin

Mommy E
Dress: Denim H&M
Waistcoat: Vintage, originally belonged to her Pops.
Brogues: Tweed, Office
Necklace 1: Necklushie
Necklace 2: Cos

Mommy M
Cardigan: Comptoir des Cotonniers
Skirt: Topshop Bodycon (Borrowed from Mommy Ele)
Top: Vintage silk and lace nighty
Tights: Tabio mini love hearts with ladders
Brogues: Giraffes, UO
Necklace: UO, borrowed from Mommy Ele as well

Polo: Top Man
Jeans: Cheap Monday, UO
Boots: Ebay

Monday, 12 April 2010

Back Home

Back in Glasgow after amazing Easter holidays and the sun is shining! It was so nice to see Mommy E in London, walk on the beach in Brittany and eat with a view on the Eiffel Tower at the Palais de Tokyo. Back to reality now!

I was wearing this same tshirt the other day for casual travelling but today I made it look a bit smarter for work with my Vanessa Bruno trousers that I got 5 years ago to work at the French Consulate in San Francisco, had to look smart!
This little beauty giraffe brogues are one of my best bargain hunt, got them on sale in UO last year and managed to treat them well enough to wear them again this year.

Managed to steal a couple of shots of Michael's cool look while he was taking our bikes for a ride! The Goat and the Elephant are unseparable.


Trousers: Duck Blue Vanessa Bruno
Cardigan: Grey blue Comptoir des Cotonniers
Tshirt: Stripy H&M
Belt: Vintage from Watermelon (?)
Shoes: Giraffe Brogues, UO
Socks: Green knee highs, H&M
Necklace: House of Done
Sunglasses: Vintage Ray Bans from Mim

Shirt: Next
Tshirt: DIY
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Socks: Red Uniqlo
Shoes: Blue Springcourt

Spring is definitely here this time :)