Monday, 14 June 2010

There is a life after Football

Happy Monday Borrowers!! Yes I survived the first World Cup weekend, but it wasn't easy...Although I managed to get a good deal: one game = one post. I think it's fair enough :) I've got about 4 posts overdue already!
I thought I would take a little break before showing you Essaouira to get back to more outfit related posts.

First of all, mega kudos to my super Mommy E for her amazing outfit + post. Can't wait for our July reunion, we will be making dindins and listening to Jazz, dancing in the kitchen. I'm listening to Joshua Redman just now. Also at the end, a SHOP update!

Rhododendrons are my favourite, they are one of the reasons I love Scotland. Come May and everywhere in the countryside and city centre you can see bushes or forests of wild rhodo.

Details of Morocco treasures: leather satchel, silk scarf and Berber bracelets.

Michael, style genius, look at this layering of shirts, with my shirt that I didn't want to carry!

And the boys, kicking the ball of course, what else should we be doing between two football games?

Have you been suffering from the World Cup?
 I think I'm starting to like it...(hypnotised robot voice on)

Shirt: Denim, Primark
Top: Agnes b. shear stripy top, from ages ago
Skirt: blue skater skirt, BDG at UO
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
Scarf: Cactus silk from Morocco
Bag: leather studed satchel, from Morocco
Bracelets: Berber bracelets, wood and silver, from Morocco

By the way, we have started an Etsy shop, it's very small at the moment (2 articles, don't know if it can be called a shop?) so go an have a look, and we promise you more very soon :)
Etsy shop - a lovely beige trench coat and a little tapestry bag on just now.
I also have a gorgeous pair of Marc Jacobs boots for sale, they were on Ebay but the listing ended. They are blue, size 4 (UK), never worn, £90, a total bargainm they were on sale for £385!! Email me if you are interested and I will send more photos and details.

Oooh lovely...Think about it ;)

Friday, 11 June 2010



Doodletonguing is a multiple tongue technique used to facilitate smooth, fast legato playing on the slide trombone. Its main use has been in the performance of jazz.

I have had to listen to a lot of jazz shows at work recently. Just by pure aural osmosis you pick up loadsa tit bits of info. Did you know that Louis Armstrong's nickname Satchmo is a shortened version of his original nickname - Satchelmouth? Apparently called so because he's mouth looked like a Satchel? Well I never and Wtf?

I'm gonna start caling Margaux, "Clutchbabo" - why I hear you scream? Cos she has a Bouche like a Clutch Bag of course! So my mind has been finally tuned into the jazz. I even started cracking up in the supermarket when I noticed you could be Loose Jazz Apples. One bit and you'll be banging out a tune on the old joanna like Duke Ellington... Be bap b bo doo wap!

If I could forever wear Nana high waisted, tapered pants I would. Pure love 'em. Something about sherbert lemon colour in the summer too - winner. Last season gladiators still serving me well until they fall to pieces. I predict this will happen half way thru my holiday in Barcelona next week. Watch this space for holiday snaps and bare feet. Also this necklace wish kinda just looks like a rope is in fact made out of recycled shop tags... tried to find a photo of the things on the tinternet but alas no. They are half metal cone thingys sprayed yella and strung together. It's from Cos. It's nice cos it is entirely made from the shops surplus. Captain Planet!

Is it a monster? Is it Pat Butcher? Naw it's a Wild Gorilla! Me and Will spotted it in Notting Hill! Naw japes blud!

And this weird black hole shaped like a man. It's like he just got beamed to another galaxy or sum sheeet!

Oriol - Joy FM
Belleville Triplets - Belleville Rendezvous
James Blake - Air and Lack of.

James Blake new favourite at the moment. Stripped back production of some sparse dubstep with warped vocals in a homage to RnB. So utterly simply but so captivating. Check him. Dummy interview here. Dummy review of EP here. James Blake myspace here. Listen to song below.... do it!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Morocco part 2 - Les Souks and La Mamounia

More from Marrakech. In the afternoon, we decided to hit the Souks, those crazy markets where you get lost and are "guided" by nice guys to their "friend's shop" and end up buying more than you would have liked! But we are not silly Gazelles, and got some really good deals. Result: 4 scarves, 1 leather studded satchel, 1 straw hat, some spices, argan oil, rose tea, ambre cubes, 2 bowls, one mirror, 2 candle holders...and that's only in Marrakech! Morocco is shopping paradise, but I only had a small bag so had to be reasonable.

Also introducing: Mathilde. We have been friends for 19 years  and still laugh as hard as day 1. She's so beautiful all the Moroccan guys wanted to marry her.

Spices, Chech after dying process, many colours, textures, smells...
We stopped on this square, right in the Medina in a lovely place called Le Cafe des Epices where we had Moroccan salad and a bit of freshness...

To relax after the heat and craziness of the souks we headed to the Palace La Mamounia. We had no idea how luxurious the place would be (I suppose "Palace" should have given us a hint...). It was absolutely gorgeous, 3 beautiful men opened the doors for us, looking like they were straight our Aladin or The Arabian Nights with white veal and gold belts. The waiters looked much posher than us and we felt a bit bad in our sandals and jeans. But after one mojito (or more like two since I managed to spill the first one...can't take ma anywhere!) we forgot all about it and devoured our grilled almonds.

The place is surrounded by a park of palm trees, bougainvilliers and orange trees. It was redecorated by Jacques Garcia. Churchill spent his holidays there and this is where the Moroccan King stays when he is in Marrakech.

Mit looking regal.

One last stop on the trip: Essaouira, which I will make you discover in a couple of days. Hope you are enjoying the visit :)
Now I'm off to the restaurant for my Birthday !
Have a great weekend little Borrowers.

Top: Comptoir des cotonniers
Jeans: H&M
Sunglasses: Aviator, RayBans
Hat: UO
Bag: Manhattan Portage
Jewellery: Traditional Berbere silver
Scarf: Cactus silk from the souk

Top: Silk stripy top, BDG at UO
Jeans: Asos
Sandals: leather, UO
Bag: Leather, Primark
Scarf: Cactus silk from souk