Monday, 31 May 2010

Morocco part I - Marrakech

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Hello Little Borrowers! I am back, after a wonderful trip to Morocco last week. I met my other Mum Mit in Marrakech where we spent 2 fabulous days, before heading West to Essouira on the coast.
On the first day, we decided to take a refreshing walk in the Jardin Majorelle, the garden, designed by Jacques Majorelle in 1947, was then bought over by Pierre Berge and Yves Saint Laurent as a present for the city of Marrakech and a sanctuary for them. YSL loved to spend time there and get some inspiration, I can understand why, the place is gorgeous, full of palm trees, cactus and pretty birds. The walls and the one building in the garden are blue, which clashes beautifully with the green and yellow of the plants.

The place is peaceful and you forget that you are in busy, hot and dusty Marrakech. In the bassin, the waterlillies offer a little bit of shade to the frogs and turtles.

In the middle of the garden is a memorial for YSL. And a bit further is a little room with posters of the Happy New Year cards he used to sent, always inspired by the garden, full of colours, on the theme of LOVE and...his dog!

Clothes-wise, I had to think about heat and respect of the culture, which is why I bought this maxi dress before I left and only took longish skirts and nothing too revealing!
I will tell you about our crazy afternoon in the souks and aperitif in the Palace La Mamounia in another post, then If you behave well I will show you Essaouira and of course, my shopping ;)
Hope you are all doing beautifully!

Hat: Straw hat, UO
Dress: Blue maxi dress, Asos
Belt: leather, vintage
Bag: Leather, Primark (baaad)
Scarf: Vintage
Sandales: UO

Friday, 21 May 2010

Glamourai contest - Disconnect the dots

Hello fellow Borrowers!

A short post while I fix my camera problems...
Last week, The Glamourai started a Polka Dot contest which I thought was a brilliant idea! I decided to enter it and here's the result

Let me know what you think!

It's sunny and hot in Glasgow!! And next week I will be experiencing proper heat as I am away to Morroco for 5 days :)  Will take some photos of course to keep you updated!
What are your summer plans?

Currently listenning to:
Tahiti 80 - Butterfly
Disconnect the Dots - Of Montreal

Laterz little Borrowers Xx

Shirt: BDG at UO
Skirt: Kookai

Socks: Tabio
Boots: From France
Turban: Vintage

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Museum of Everything

This weekend was the 10th anniversary of the Tate Modern. As a celebration they had a mini festival and group installation exhibition, No Soul For Sale. Went to check it oot with Gracie Cheeks and her Auntie MJ. The turbine hall had been turned into an adult sized play pit. Artists from all over the world had about 2meters squared to do what ever they wanted. Amazing pictures, stories, videos, performances... but the best bits were the tactile interactive parts... A forest of paper ribbons and the whirlwind snowstorm of stickers saying LOCAL ARTIST.

Rather hooked on the double jacket combo at the moment. Last week I was hot for denim/leather, this week it's a love affair between the denim and the vintage woolen Adidas jacket. This button up woolen Adidas jacket is from late 60's and is my single most treasured item of clothing. I have never seen anything like it. And 100% hooked on the pattern pile up. Lots of different tartans and stripes on overload!

Made friends with the little people. More museums should have stuff of this ilk. Sometimes museums are stuffy and awkward and people feel shy to use them. But with something like this everybody loses their inhibitions, you get involved and the museum feels like it's as much yours as everyone else's.
Cute brogues paired with psychedelic spirals aka stripes.

Bright Red Nana shoes from charity shop. Oh! And a new haircut!



Thursday, 13 May 2010

Pigs They Tend To Wiggle When They Walk

Once again, a Mommy Reunion in London!! This time I (Mommy M) went down to London with Michael and the boys to see Michael's favourite band, Pavement (2nd time afte Glasgow last week, it was RAD) and of course met Mommy E beforehand!


We met up in Brixton and had super sushis in Fujiyama before heading off to the gig. Mommy E was looking well hot in her denim + leather combo. I took the newly arrived Raccoon tail out, it's so soft it's like having a pet attached to the belt! Great inspiration raccoons seen on The SF Style.
Without planning it, our shoes were absolutely matching! Pretty mind blowing, I know.

Details of stripes and polka dots and tartan and fur and denim and leather...and an animal creeping in my jeans!

Enjoy the show!

Mommy M:
Blazer: Stripy grey white, Kimchi Blu in UO
Blouse: Tiny polka dots, BDG in UO
Jeans: Black,
Belt: brown leather, h&m
Socks: Stripy knee highs,
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens clogs in Nature
Tail: Raccon from 7 Lightning Bolt on Etsy

Mommy E:
Jacket: Brown Leather, Vintage
Jacket: Denim with tartan lining, Levi, Vintage
Top: Red Stripey Vneck, Gap
Trousers: Blue high waisted peg trousers, Zara
Belt: Brown Leather Zara
Socks: M&S
Shoes: Dingo Boots, etsy.

Ps: Thank you all so much for all the lovely comments and to our new followers! It means so much to us! Xx

Shine A Light On: - Rudi Zygadlo and the Dummy tip-off


(Photo by Angue Maguire)

Now then, now then, do you like music? Are you one of those people that is always on top of fresh and inspiring new music? Well maybe you will like the online music publication DUMMY. It's a corker. With loads of curve ball features, music and gig reviews and hot tips on emerging artists. It's simply unmissable for music heads. New feature Everywhere Else is a one stop shop for all sorts of musical gizzzm from all over the internet. Then there is a brilliant interview with Ikonika here, a super review of Caribou's latest album Swim here and they have recently featured the super bad wicked...
Rudi Zygadlo.
A gent that we featured a while ago too. You see him here. You see him there. We featured him for his well put together look (see photos above) but he has just released his debut album, "Great Western Laymen" on Planet Mu and it's an absolutely magnificent debut. It's unlike anything I have ever heard before. Imagine dancefloor worthy basslines intertwined with angelic choir-like vocals and everything else in between. Mary Anne Hobbs of Radio 1 gets all breathless any time she plays his stuff. I'm not going to go into any more detail here because I think you should make up your own. You can listen to it on Rudi's myspaz. Read my review at Dummy. Or buy it over at itunes. Or listen on the video below.

Here at BORO we are right music heads. Marguax went to see Pavement last night. I am thoroughly excited about heading off the electronic music festival in Barcelona, Sonar, to see the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Nosaj Thing (especially his live visual show - link below) and the list could go on & on & on & on & on. Any of recommendations of who you guys are listening to at the moment are welcomed with open ears!

This Weeks Playlist:
Rudi Zygadlo - Resealable Friendship
Caribou - Sun
Nosaj Thing - IOIO


Nosaj Thing's test video of his visual show....

Friday, 7 May 2010

Multicolour Black Eye

Bonjour fellow bloggers. I am just gonna take this moment to say hats off to my fellow BOROer  Mamam Margaux because she has been looking fierce. Margaux is hotter than a French kiss in Paris and harder than a Glasgow kiss in Scotland. 

Got a wee birthday party to attend tomorrow. The day time is a fancy dress punt down the river in Oxford (photos to follow), but this is what I'm gonna be sporting for the evening do.

 Finally got myself a pair of heeled desert boots. I was searching for a nice nude/beige pair and then when it come down to crunch time I found myself leaving with a black pair. What do you know? I have been wanting to team them with some stripey socks and then I thought why not go the whole multicoloured way. This is a dress I found in a vintage shop, the lady in the shop said it was a theatre costume... I like to think it was from Fiddler On The Roof... any other suggestion? A lovely dress maker I know, Avelina, was kind enough to shorten it for me, take off the sleeves and give it a scoop neck. Before it was rather dowdy, but I could not resist the print. I've also wanted a cropped tuxedo jacket for ages and found this one for a tenner. 
Love a bargain supreme!

Wishing you all a belter of a weekend. Grzbezos xx

This weeks playlist:
Donna Summer - Spring Affair
Dam Mantel - A Statue That Is Perpetually Unveiled
Grauzone - Eisbear 

(I have included the video of this last song below because it's just like me and Margaux getting ready for a night out grooving)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Hidden Gardens

Spent the weekend enjoying the last of Gi, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. Our first stop was Tramway, were the artist Christoph Buchel's work, entitled Last Man Out Turn Off Lights is a huge, realistic sort of prison/ work camp, with half a plane in it. Crazy. And worth seeing!
Tramway has got this lovely garden at the back, called the Hidden Gardens where you can relax in the sun. It's a sort of sanctuary. This black tunnel I am in is the work of the artist James Yamada and it called Our Starry Night. You get in the tunnel the lights turn on outside depending on your personality. It's lovely at night.

You saw this dress already a couple of weeks ago, but doesn't it look so different with yellow tights?
Oh and to the question: Oh My God are these Swedish Hasbeens...the answer is YES!

My friend Ross was very impressed by the Hasbeens. He was looking cool in his vintage Eagles tshirt and his cardi from a charity shop in Melbourne.

Trencoat: Comptoir des Cotonniers
Dress: Topshop
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens clogs in Nature

End of the visit in the next post!