Saturday, 20 February 2010

Doudoune and LQD

So I chose the wrong to strip off my clothes and show my dress. It started to rain midway which you will be able to see in the last photos.
After many many slagging offs of the Doudoune or Bubble jacket, I found myself wearing the one I bought to go skiing. One reason: it's bloody warm! My sister will surely find it very funny...

Shall I take it off?

Eh bad idea!!

I will show you more of my dress: LQD (name to be explained later too) when it's not raining.
It was raining hailstones by the way.

Today was a special day: SONIA RYKIEL for H&M and Omg the collection is amazing! What's even better is that people in Glasgow don't seem to care/ know about SR so it was all for Margaux. While in France my mom was fighting women in minx coats (2 of them fell on the floor when the doors opened hahaha). It ended up in a swapping game: the stripey dress for the yellow jumper, the black shorts for the stripey jumper...
I got loads of stuff which I will show you very soon.

Doudoune: bought by Mom and Dad Lyon, Only
Dress: Black puffy shoulders, Silence + Noise
Tights: Burgundy, Tabio
Shoes: Brown leather boots, vintage

Have a lovely weekend Xx

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Everything Is Going To Be All Right

This morning we went to see the exhibition "What You See Is Where You're At" at the Modern Art Galleries in Edinburgh. They were showing all their collection, including some brilliant Martin Boyce and Charles Avery.

I wore this lovely vintage Aztec skirt that I got on Etsy.
I love these ankle boots that I got in France about 2 years ago, I just got them repaired and can't stop wearing them.

The beautiful landscape in the garden is called Landform Ueda and was designed by Charles Jencks.

Cardigan: Black wool cardi, present from real Mom, Comptoir des Cotonniers
Top: Black bodycon dress worn as top, UO
Skirt: Aztec, vintage from Etsy
Ankle Boots: Grey from France.

Yep, everything is going to be just fine :) Lovely, lovely weekend in Edinburgh.


Rhubarb patterns

Inspiration with these amazing colours and patterns in Rhubarb in Edinburgh.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Lindstrøm & Christabelle

Hi there pussycats. If you like to shake your tail feather to modern-day disco, then you need to listen to Lindstrøm & Christabelle's new album. It's richer, sweeter and more indulgent than a box of Ferrero Roche. Err, you what? 

Read my review of it for Dummy Mag here.
Listen to it here.