Monday, 2 August 2010

Birthday in Edinburgh

My family got together for a very special occasion, my Dad's birthday. We all met in Edinburgh and had a fantastic time hanging out in the city, drinking whisky, chilling out in the Missoni Hotel and eating amazing food.

Here are some shots of the hall of the hotel, with crazy stripy carpets and red wall. The hotel is beautiful, the colours and shapes are just candy for the eye!

A little taste of the bedroom: curtains, bathrobes and bed throw...and the view of course. Perfectly located on the Royal Mile, the view of the grey skies and green grass was gorgeous.

We took a walk in the city, checking out the castle, hiding away from the rain in the super cool vintage shop Armstrongs (where I got this little bonnet and the cutest blue socks) and drying up around a nice cup of tea/ pint before a crazy night in Rhubarb.

Focus on the castle :)

Focus on the hasbeens in the cobbled streets...

More of the party outfit very soon :) Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer, it's been raining here and I don't like it!

Shirt: sheer blue shirt with velvety polka dots, The Kooples, present from Mim and Pip.
Trousers: grey, zipper, Sessun on sale, which means I know have the dress, playsuit and trousers haha
Vest: black, UO
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
Hat: Vintage tweedy bonnet, Armstrongs
Belt: brown leather, H&M

Monday, 19 July 2010

Lyon - Part 2

The second part of my Lyon holiday, finally. Sorry for the delay, we had a big family reunion here in Glasgow and have been busy celebrating my Dad's birthday in amazing restaurants :)

Now for Lyon, on the Sunday we went to one of my favourite place: the flea market (Les Puces). It was about 30 degrees at 11 in the morning and the antic pieces were melting in the sun! Managed to find a cute little plate and some really cool retro coat hangers, a bargain.

All the usual sellers like to come for a glass of wine in this little Bistro where you can admire the Football scarves and big hams hanging from the ceiling.

This little shop was crazy, full of old books and creepy dolls. I didn't want to touch anything as it looked like it might all fall like a card castle!

This dress is one of my favourite summer dresses. I got it in TopShop 2 years ago and it's a perfect fit. My gran once told me "You have to always stay think enough to fit in this dress, it's so nice!" Thanks Mamy Pink!

This bike was so cool, the tyres were made of wood, it was so old! Would have liked it for myself but I found out that vintage wooden bikes can be very expensive!

My Dad and getting lost amongst letters...

Will be back soon with some photos of the birthday in Missoni hotel, how very fashionable! Hope you are all doing beautifully little borrowers.

Ps: Stay tuned for a soon to come BoRO shop...

Dress: Cherries halter back, Topshop
Hat: Michael's
Bag: Leather satchel from Morrocco
Shoes: Leather sandals, UO

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Lyon (Part 1)

Hello darling Borrowers. Mommy E and I were both on holiday, sorry for the absence from the blog. But we are back now, Mommy E all tanned from Sonar and myself slightly less tanned but relaxed from holidays at home.

Spent a few days in France with Michael and my family to celebrate my birthday a couple of weeks late.

  It was very hot and I was glad to have my new Sessun dress, very light, perfect for the sun. It's funny, a couple of weeks ago I was saying how much I loved this summer's Sessun collection but how overpriced it was. And then, all my favourite items were on sale half price in UO. Bingo. I ended up getting the matching pink playsuit as well.

We had a fabulous lunch in an amazing restaurant. Check these out! And they were AFTER dessert, yep little treats with the coffee. Yumster.
Oh also, check out the quality of the photo...and why is that? Because I got a new camera for my birthday! My own Canon EOS 300D. It's brilliant, especially on close ups of food!



Can you guess the location? The water should help you...

More French adventures very soon...till then, have a lovely weekend! Xx

Dress: Sessun
Clogs: Sewdish Hasbeens
Bag: Leather studded satchel from Morroco
Shade: Vintage turtleshell Rayban

Monday, 14 June 2010

There is a life after Football

Happy Monday Borrowers!! Yes I survived the first World Cup weekend, but it wasn't easy...Although I managed to get a good deal: one game = one post. I think it's fair enough :) I've got about 4 posts overdue already!
I thought I would take a little break before showing you Essaouira to get back to more outfit related posts.

First of all, mega kudos to my super Mommy E for her amazing outfit + post. Can't wait for our July reunion, we will be making dindins and listening to Jazz, dancing in the kitchen. I'm listening to Joshua Redman just now. Also at the end, a SHOP update!

Rhododendrons are my favourite, they are one of the reasons I love Scotland. Come May and everywhere in the countryside and city centre you can see bushes or forests of wild rhodo.

Details of Morocco treasures: leather satchel, silk scarf and Berber bracelets.

Michael, style genius, look at this layering of shirts, with my shirt that I didn't want to carry!

And the boys, kicking the ball of course, what else should we be doing between two football games?

Have you been suffering from the World Cup?
 I think I'm starting to like it...(hypnotised robot voice on)

Shirt: Denim, Primark
Top: Agnes b. shear stripy top, from ages ago
Skirt: blue skater skirt, BDG at UO
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
Scarf: Cactus silk from Morocco
Bag: leather studed satchel, from Morocco
Bracelets: Berber bracelets, wood and silver, from Morocco

By the way, we have started an Etsy shop, it's very small at the moment (2 articles, don't know if it can be called a shop?) so go an have a look, and we promise you more very soon :)
Etsy shop - a lovely beige trench coat and a little tapestry bag on just now.
I also have a gorgeous pair of Marc Jacobs boots for sale, they were on Ebay but the listing ended. They are blue, size 4 (UK), never worn, £90, a total bargainm they were on sale for £385!! Email me if you are interested and I will send more photos and details.

Oooh lovely...Think about it ;)