Saturday, 3 July 2010

Lyon (Part 1)

Hello darling Borrowers. Mommy E and I were both on holiday, sorry for the absence from the blog. But we are back now, Mommy E all tanned from Sonar and myself slightly less tanned but relaxed from holidays at home.

Spent a few days in France with Michael and my family to celebrate my birthday a couple of weeks late.

  It was very hot and I was glad to have my new Sessun dress, very light, perfect for the sun. It's funny, a couple of weeks ago I was saying how much I loved this summer's Sessun collection but how overpriced it was. And then, all my favourite items were on sale half price in UO. Bingo. I ended up getting the matching pink playsuit as well.

We had a fabulous lunch in an amazing restaurant. Check these out! And they were AFTER dessert, yep little treats with the coffee. Yumster.
Oh also, check out the quality of the photo...and why is that? Because I got a new camera for my birthday! My own Canon EOS 300D. It's brilliant, especially on close ups of food!



Can you guess the location? The water should help you...

More French adventures very soon...till then, have a lovely weekend! Xx

Dress: Sessun
Clogs: Sewdish Hasbeens
Bag: Leather studded satchel from Morroco
Shade: Vintage turtleshell Rayban


  1. Happy Birthday!!
    It's great photos.And It's fun!
    I want to visit France.
    Have a great Sunday too!

  2. love that playsuit, i was considering getting it in the sale too

  3. Looks like so much fun.Amazing bag!

  4. ♥ cute blog ♥

  5. This dress is so adorable, and of course I love me some Swedish Hasbeens! I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your holiday!

  6. Those cakes look unbelievably delicious .

    XOXO, C.