Saturday, 28 November 2009

Clowning aboot...

So, went to Pressure last night, very busy, very hot and Boys Noize was pretty bangin! The thing with Pressure is that you can't dress up too much or you look out of place, and then there's the endless questions: why wear fancy high heels when you can wear dirty plimsoles, why wear vintage jewellery when you can wear a glow stick as a bracelet?
Well, "Vous etes des animaux!"
Going for a haircut on Tuesday, finally, inspiration: Alice Glass from Crystal Castles, dirty rat style!
It's cold outside and I couldn't be bothered wearing a skirt so I went for jeans and this lovely vintage ruffled waistcoat. A nice pair of high heels (had to change into my plimsoles to stomp on Boys Noize) with, listen to this, SOCKS, green ones. Oh aye. Apparently red and green should never be seen except on the Queen. But then we decided I was the queen of the flat so it's fine.

The outfit:
Jeans: black skinny, Asos
Top: black, UO
Waistcoat: black, silk 1970's vintage. Retro, Glasgow
Belt: vintage, thrifted
Socks: green, H&M
Shoes: red patent leather, Free Lance, from my sister's wedding last year :)
Bracelet: gold cuff, present from Miami

Still a disco dancer.


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Gangster Nan

Been feeling homesick for Glasgow these last few days, especially now I see Mummy M dressed up to the nines and talking about celebrating Jamie's bizday with carrot cake. Makes me a little jelly louse. And on top of that my spiritual sisters, ahem, Peace, Harmony, Rosie & Claire all celebrated a joint bizday up in Scotland too.... Owww ouch my heart is aching for yous lot. So to console myself I've been spending the last few days wrapped up pure cosy and going for lengthly walks along the canal and across the meadow. But today I decided to shake of my soggy sneakers and get a bit glamour nana. Well that's the look I was going for but think I ended up a sexually confused gangster. Lost somewhere half way between Al Capone and his mole...

Also - straight after these fotaes I went and got my mop cut! Bye bye Ringo Starr - hello twelve yr old! Look a bit like this photo (click here!!) (Mummy M you'll like this!)
Back on track: In a perfect world I would wear high-waisted nana trousers with button down shirts everyday. Come to think of it, there's not much to stop me from doing that... Love a bit of high-waisted trouser pant - upside is your waist looks teeny, downside can make your thighs/bum all plums and pear shaped. Solution to that is stick a pair of heels on and your legs look like longer and stringier and like they almost reach your armpits. These lemon curd coloured pants only cost me 1 euro to boot! They were from Emmaus in France - a 2nd hand store where homeless people are given jobs. Great scheme & all their clothes are ONE EURO! Last time I was there I wanted some blue high-waisted leather pants but my real Mumski found them so disgusting she wouldn't let me buy them. Mammoth regret.
Also fully in to wearing tomboy chic. Love the way a man's shirt can look on - especially with the top button buttoned. Sometime keeping your boobs stashed away is just as good as getting them oot. Decided to put this all with my MAHOOSIVE grey Farah cardigan seeing as I haven't taken it off all week, Nagymama's (aka Granny Eva's) fur stool, trilby and brogues. Felt uber advanced style grandma chic and very happy in this outfit. Shame I was so busy counting down the seconds on the camera timer that I forgot to give out a grin. Grumpy Gramps.

Shirt: Blue checked mens, H&M
Cardigan: Grey chunky, Farah.
Trousers: Lemon yellow peg pants, thrifted (so stealing that Yank word).
Fur Stool: God knows what animal it is, Grandma Eva's.
Shoes: Brown tweed brogues, Office.
Hat: Grey customised trilby, UO.

Also been spending a lot of time with my pal Mama Moomin Mary (only just recently realised all my pals have Mum-esque nicknames, probably very Freudien or sum sh*t). She has been the companion for the meadow walks. After one of these walks previously mentioned, I got her round my yard to have a dig through a box of old clothes I was going to drop off at a charity shop. Usually I am a total hoarder, I don't like parting with anything cos I know one day it'll be kool again. But this box was stuff I have not touched in years upon years upon years... and Mary comes along, just chucking a few things on to see if they fit and as I'm saying "I won't be offended if you don't want anything, it all went out of fashion when man first learnt to make fire", I turn around and BHAM! She's totally got this amazing look going on out of all the stuff I thought was rubbish. So I twisted her arm a bit and said purlease lemme take photos! Finally she said yesssss and let me play stylist by adding a few accessories. Seems to me she somewhat resembles an Irish Gypsy lady who would invite you into her barge, read your fortunes out of tea leaves and play you a ditty on her spoons. What d'y thunk? (excuse dark fotos = didnt have much light)

Trilby & Stool as above.
Skirt: Black full skirt, Warehouse
Shirt: Cream lace, thrifted.
Waistcoat: Grey, thrifted.
Belt: Green cotton, somewhere in Guatemala.
Shoes: Low ankle cowboy boots, etsy.
Brooch, necklace, earrings: thrifted.


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ya dancin?

Y'askin?! Or how I discovered I was 50% Scottish...
On friday we had a big dinner party for Jamie's birthday, I cooked French Tartiflette and two carrot cakes, pretty good! I felt like dressing up for the occasion and really wanted to wear my gold dress and black bow that almost look like bunny ears... Wearing the brown boots again, they go with just everything, will show you what they look like with jeans this week!
Weekend in France was brilliant, no photos though, but a few interesting purchases from Marc by Marc Jacobs and Uniqlo, also inherited from my sister's leather jacket, thanks Ponette :)

The outfit:
Dress: gold strapless, H&M
Tights: tiny wee lovehearts,
Shoes: brown leather vintage
Bow: black massive bow Helene Berman at UO
Necklace: heart and gun from a UO necklace and panda from Ele

A little extra, Michael looked way cool on Friday, he deserves a mention in the post :)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Margaux Jacko

I'm in Paris this weekend to see my parents and my sister, go shopping, see a couple of exhibitions and have nice French food in restaurants!
Won't be able to post anything this weekend so here's a little tribute I did a few months ago...I was still tanned from the summer...
To those who say that you can't wear socks in your brogues, well...revise your classics! A little tear for the old  flat for the clothes:

blazer: black Zara from years ago
zebra top: present from mommy ele, Topshop
jeans: asos skinny
socks: stripy, Topshop
shoes: black brogues, Schuh (my Anne Frank shoes)
bagde: "I love Paris", present from, mommy e, Lazyoaf

Post Script: Ele here, got another fotae of Pseudo Jacko here. She's look hella chic so had to add it...
Don't stop 'til you get enough!

Friday, 20 November 2009

the things that geeks are made of

Apparently wearing socks with your tights denotes totally geekdom. This is law according to my new work mates. They just don't get fashion duh! Well, to be frank (who is frank?) this brogue and sock combo is more of a blister prevention system than some kinda trailblazing trendsetting. And it's just dead cosy ya get me? Ooooooh yeah and found these earrrings in a junk shop. Love a bit of chunky scally gold.
This is just a wee post before me and my pops go on a flying visit to see my god babies in France. Margauxface is also going to be Franco-side but she's hitting up the stylish gay paris and will probably be found supping on lattes & scoffing gateaux avec Garance Doré! Whereas I will be deep in rural france watching Labrynth and picking my nose with these guys.  I've sent Mummy M a memo saying only pack striped tshirts and berets for our french inspired posts. I'm just about to pack my capsule wardrobe, solely consisting of the tricolor. 

I hate French jokes. They're crepe.


Jumper: Brown wolly button detail, M&S
Skirt: Green mini, H&M
Scarf: Gypsy swirsl, H&M
Earrings: Gold chunky heart sumthings, junk shop.
Tights: Black M&S
Socks: Mens lambswool yummy cosy, M&S
Shoes: Leather & tweed brogues, Office.

Little present: If you like shaking your tail feather and getting a bit freaky then listen to this. It's by Boy 8-Bit. Can you figure out what the two samples are?

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Beat the rain!

I have to admit I took my coat off for this one, it was pretty chilly out there but I'm getting used to the Glasgow weather.
I've been playing around with dresses and tops to try and make the most of my wardrobe, and this is one example.
Still need the approval from Mommy Monkey Owl Face tho...I have a feeling she might like it, also, it's slightly similar to her own outfit. Nothing can come between us, not even a few hundred miles!
The necklushie is becoming the centre piece of our outfits, we now buy jackets to match the necklush and not the other way round! Thanks Troy and Stefano and the psychadelic parachute dogs of Necklush...
Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, nearly broke my face trying to make my way round the back garden of my new flat!

Hat: blue sailor hat from Belle Isle, Britanny
Cardigan: Comptoir des Cotoniers
Dress: red bodycon dress from American Apparel
Top: stripy blouse from BDG
Tights: M&S, fell in mommy's bag
Socks: grey warm knee high socks, H&M
Shoes: Brown, buckle boots, vintage
Necklace: Necklushie

winter warmer

Shiver me timbers!! The trees are almost naked, the days are shorter and there is a bitter chill in the air. Welcome winter! I know some femmes j'adore summertime because it means floaty dress, full-on colours and floral prints - but to be honest I'm more into wrapping up dead cosy and making sure all slivers of skin are swaddled in multiple layers. Anyhoo, that's what this outfits all aboot - pure dead cosy from head to toe. Slouchy boots with doubled up socks, doubled up pair of dresses, the world's biggest cardigan. Just call me Toasty McRoasty. And my lush necklusie which makes me feel warm inside now it's finally arrived.

Also  - me and the dream team, Margaux, have parted ways. The reason we decided to start this was as a means of keeping in contact with one another and also to keep an eye on each others outfits. I'm already expectant of an email where Margaux will write "Ele!!! Wtf were you thinking? Spots, stripes, checks, leather, tweed and chiffon, non, non mon poulet rôti!!" So this blog is going interntational from now on. Well almost. Margaux is representing Glasgow now and I will be fronting for the Oxford/London massif. Look out for parallel outfit posts (yippeee geek factor 12).  

Enough of my chitter chatter.

Dress: Red T-shirt dress, Primark.
Cardigan: Grey heavy knit maxi size, found, originally Farah.
Bolero/shrug/watevs: Black faux fur, charity shop, originally M&S.
Necklace: Necklushie!
Tights: Cute wee hearts,
Boots: Slouch factor 12, Office.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

animal instinct

Mummy M and me had a day out at Edinburgh Zoo. Somewhere in between the attention seeking sea lion and the depressed-possibly-on-prozac penguins, we managed to take few fotaes. We intended to take a flask spicy rum hot chocolate but time escaped us and we had to rely on our winter warming accessories instead. Alas, nothing warms your cockles quite like a flask o' hot liquor.

Coat: Green maxi collar, topshop
Tights: Red tabio,
Snood: Brown & glittery, H&M
Shoes: Giraffe print, UO
MUFF: homemade by Mommy last year for xmas :) Pure rabbbbit by the way!
Dress: I was wearing a dress but you can't see it here, black Topshop tunique dress.

Hat: Grey felt trilby, customised with feathers, UO
Jacket: Thrifted, gift from Stuart
Jumper: Wish this was a old skool wooly knitted number, but no, it's H&M.
Skirt: Green oragami mini, UO
Tights: Black, M&S
Socks: Men's wooly golf socks, M&S
Shoes: Dingo boots, etsy
Gloves: Green faux leather & feather mittens, H&M