Saturday, 28 November 2009

Clowning aboot...

So, went to Pressure last night, very busy, very hot and Boys Noize was pretty bangin! The thing with Pressure is that you can't dress up too much or you look out of place, and then there's the endless questions: why wear fancy high heels when you can wear dirty plimsoles, why wear vintage jewellery when you can wear a glow stick as a bracelet?
Well, "Vous etes des animaux!"
Going for a haircut on Tuesday, finally, inspiration: Alice Glass from Crystal Castles, dirty rat style!
It's cold outside and I couldn't be bothered wearing a skirt so I went for jeans and this lovely vintage ruffled waistcoat. A nice pair of high heels (had to change into my plimsoles to stomp on Boys Noize) with, listen to this, SOCKS, green ones. Oh aye. Apparently red and green should never be seen except on the Queen. But then we decided I was the queen of the flat so it's fine.

The outfit:
Jeans: black skinny, Asos
Top: black, UO
Waistcoat: black, silk 1970's vintage. Retro, Glasgow
Belt: vintage, thrifted
Socks: green, H&M
Shoes: red patent leather, Free Lance, from my sister's wedding last year :)
Bracelet: gold cuff, present from Miami

Still a disco dancer.



  1. You look lovely!

  2. wowww! i love your red shoes... visit my blog honey! have a great night!