Thursday, 19 November 2009

winter warmer

Shiver me timbers!! The trees are almost naked, the days are shorter and there is a bitter chill in the air. Welcome winter! I know some femmes j'adore summertime because it means floaty dress, full-on colours and floral prints - but to be honest I'm more into wrapping up dead cosy and making sure all slivers of skin are swaddled in multiple layers. Anyhoo, that's what this outfits all aboot - pure dead cosy from head to toe. Slouchy boots with doubled up socks, doubled up pair of dresses, the world's biggest cardigan. Just call me Toasty McRoasty. And my lush necklusie which makes me feel warm inside now it's finally arrived.

Also  - me and the dream team, Margaux, have parted ways. The reason we decided to start this was as a means of keeping in contact with one another and also to keep an eye on each others outfits. I'm already expectant of an email where Margaux will write "Ele!!! Wtf were you thinking? Spots, stripes, checks, leather, tweed and chiffon, non, non mon poulet rôti!!" So this blog is going interntational from now on. Well almost. Margaux is representing Glasgow now and I will be fronting for the Oxford/London massif. Look out for parallel outfit posts (yippeee geek factor 12).  

Enough of my chitter chatter.

Dress: Red T-shirt dress, Primark.
Cardigan: Grey heavy knit maxi size, found, originally Farah.
Bolero/shrug/watevs: Black faux fur, charity shop, originally M&S.
Necklace: Necklushie!
Tights: Cute wee hearts,
Boots: Slouch factor 12, Office.


  1. It is surely getting chill even here in Jamaica. -

  2. thank you!
    well, you know already that I like your style ;)