Wednesday, 18 November 2009

animal instinct

Mummy M and me had a day out at Edinburgh Zoo. Somewhere in between the attention seeking sea lion and the depressed-possibly-on-prozac penguins, we managed to take few fotaes. We intended to take a flask spicy rum hot chocolate but time escaped us and we had to rely on our winter warming accessories instead. Alas, nothing warms your cockles quite like a flask o' hot liquor.

Coat: Green maxi collar, topshop
Tights: Red tabio,
Snood: Brown & glittery, H&M
Shoes: Giraffe print, UO
MUFF: homemade by Mommy last year for xmas :) Pure rabbbbit by the way!
Dress: I was wearing a dress but you can't see it here, black Topshop tunique dress.

Hat: Grey felt trilby, customised with feathers, UO
Jacket: Thrifted, gift from Stuart
Jumper: Wish this was a old skool wooly knitted number, but no, it's H&M.
Skirt: Green oragami mini, UO
Tights: Black, M&S
Socks: Men's wooly golf socks, M&S
Shoes: Dingo boots, etsy
Gloves: Green faux leather & feather mittens, H&M

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