Friday, 20 November 2009

the things that geeks are made of

Apparently wearing socks with your tights denotes totally geekdom. This is law according to my new work mates. They just don't get fashion duh! Well, to be frank (who is frank?) this brogue and sock combo is more of a blister prevention system than some kinda trailblazing trendsetting. And it's just dead cosy ya get me? Ooooooh yeah and found these earrrings in a junk shop. Love a bit of chunky scally gold.
This is just a wee post before me and my pops go on a flying visit to see my god babies in France. Margauxface is also going to be Franco-side but she's hitting up the stylish gay paris and will probably be found supping on lattes & scoffing gateaux avec Garance DorĂ©! Whereas I will be deep in rural france watching Labrynth and picking my nose with these guys.  I've sent Mummy M a memo saying only pack striped tshirts and berets for our french inspired posts. I'm just about to pack my capsule wardrobe, solely consisting of the tricolor. 

I hate French jokes. They're crepe.


Jumper: Brown wolly button detail, M&S
Skirt: Green mini, H&M
Scarf: Gypsy swirsl, H&M
Earrings: Gold chunky heart sumthings, junk shop.
Tights: Black M&S
Socks: Mens lambswool yummy cosy, M&S
Shoes: Leather & tweed brogues, Office.

Little present: If you like shaking your tail feather and getting a bit freaky then listen to this. It's by Boy 8-Bit. Can you figure out what the two samples are?

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