Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Kings Cross

Oyster card, check. London A-Z, check. Camera, ipod, check. Good but slim book for the tube, check. Keys, oh buggar... where are my keys? All pockets empty, check. Where the frig...? Ah yes... in the front door. Just where I left them. Note to self: STOP DOING THIS!! Now, after a couple weeks of walking and exploring this here city, all I need is a job. Oh yeah, and my shoes re-heeled! 
This city has an amazing cross section of people and cultures - inspiration could come from every corner. However this week I have mostly been ogling the tiles and mosaics at the tube stations. So far my favourite is the elaborate mosaics of Tottenham Court Rd (pictures to come)  - but this weeks outfit was inspired by the colour scheme of the tiles at Kings Cross (above). I'm a sucker for a simple block colour print. Slurp. Unfortunately all the colours are a bit washed out here... see the chictopia blog for colours in all their glory! Faux fur is lilac - I repeat LILAC!

Super props to Mummy M in her last post. That braid is inspired! And Ze boys look amaZing. Lock up your daughters.

Here is Marijan rocking the headscarf with the TCR mosaic backdrop.

Shirt: Lumberjack, Rokit 
Cardigan: Cashmere moth eaten, darned to hell, French Connection.
Trousers: Black high-waisted, woolen, Zara.
Belt: Black leather Zara.
Shoes: Steve Madden.
Fur: Lilac faux fur ridiculousness, H&M

This week I have been listening to: Jarvis Cocker - "Disco Eyes" (Pilooski edit)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ze Boys, Ze Boys

Wow The Boys are back in town! Looking pretty dapper in their coats and suit. Special mention for Jamie wearing the three piece vintage suit.
Michael is sporting his incredibly stylish Hurwundeki coat and Matt is playing it cool in his sailor's jacket and painted shoes.
Oh how we love these boys.

Album cover?

I tried my best to be as cool as them...

Album cover?

All the photos credit goes to Michael
The braid skills credit goes to me haha, finally managed it!

The Christmas presents are coming out, my sister got me these lovely earings in St Martin and my parents got me this well cool Marc by Marc tshirt.

Tshirt: Love cover, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Skirt: Black leather, vintage
Tights: Mini lovehearts,
Shoes: Butternut Squash Midnight,
Necklace: House of Done
Earrings: Xmas pressie from St Martin.

A Bientot! Xx

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Shine a Light On: Childrens Books

As I am a bit late for a clothes post today, I would like to shine a light on something that makes me happy: Childrens books. I have an huge collection of them and everytime I go home to France I read the ones I was reading when I was a child over and over again .
I find them brilliant, they are clever and funny and the drawings stay in your mind forever!
For Christmas I got a few new ones in French, and I also got the complete collection of Roald Dahl!!! I am reading them just now and loving it :)
I wanted to share with you some pictures of these new books:

Des Nouvelles de Mon Chat, Gilles Bachelet
Kuma Kuma et Moi, Kazue Takahashi
Boucle D'or et les Sept Ours Nains, Emile Bravo

Des Nouvelles de Mon Chat is the story of an Elephant who thinks he is a cat, he finds a little cat fiancee and they do cat things together.
Kuma Kuma is a beautiful Japanese book, all in simplicity, about a boy and his bear friend Kuma Kuma. He says things like "I entered the house and it had a little smell of bear". In the summer Kuma Kuma likes to roll on the floor in the sunbeams. Aw.
Boucle d'Or et les Sept Ours a Nain is a hilarious tale that mixes Goldie Locks, Snow Whites, Red Riding Hood and all the classics in one super tale where the bears are freaking out!

I highly recommend them for yourself or for a lovely present. I am sure they are all translated.
I'm always looking out for new ones.  What's your favourite childrens story?

Happy reading everyone! Xx

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Photo: Vice 

Spotted: One Moomin looking hot. Mary has previously featured on BORO here. She was spotted in Vice's photo blog. Vice spotted her at the Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs gig at 93 feet east. 

Circus act.

Well now... in light of the fact I have not and will not be able to do any sort of outfit posts for a while (lack of tripod & nice people to indulge me) I have put up some old ones. After working a horror shift on New Years I attend an after hours, circus theme party at The Jam Factory. I was the Lion Tamer/Ring Master. Check out the mugs gallery below too.

Jacket: Black & white checkered, button-up hoody, Lux.
Shirt: Men's white tuxedo shirt, Charity Shop
Bow Tie: Men's Charity shop.
Skirt: Black lycra, body con, Topshop.
Shoes: Tan & tweed brogues, Office.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Grey Suits

Myself and my Hippo wore our grey suits today. It almost feels like Spring here today...
Got the lovely blouse and blazer in the sale, another bargain, £9 each!

Spring flowers :)

I told you I was a little Elmira!

Blazer: Grey, big shoulders, Silence + Noise
Blouse: Flowers, Kumchu Blu
Jeans: Grey skinny, H&M
Shoes: Butternut Squash Midnight from
Bag: Grey, Max C

I am making cookies and managed to burn the chocolate while writing this. I should never try to multitask!!

Laters Xx

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Polka Pogo

Yesterday started with a very late brunch in our favourite breakfast place in Glasgow, Heart Buchanan. They make eggs benedict like nowhere else, plus the staff are very friendly and even when I am full I end up buying a little cake for later...


The weather has been very mild this weekend, a change from the -10 of last week! It means I was able to wear this little jacket that I got in the sale. £20, bargain. The problem is, when you buy something in the high street shops like River Island, you see people with the same thing as you all the time. In the 10min walk from the flat to HB I saw two girls with this jacket, haha. I'm glad I was wearing it with personal accesories like my favourite sailor hat, this scarf made by my Gran Mami Pink and this new Max C handbag I got for £20. Bargain again.


The day finished with some pogo stick exercise in the staircase! Not the most practical when wearing a playsuit...
I got this playsuit in a vintage shop and got it altered, it's very cute, makes me feel like a guest in the film The Party.

The beautiful necklace I am looking at is a Christmas present from my parents. I adore it, it looks like audio tape. You can play with it and it never looks the same. It's from French designers House of Done.


Jacket: Tartan cloak, River Island
Hat: Sailor hat from Belle Isle
Bag: Grey Max C from
Mittons: Genuine sheepskin from Lyon
Scarf: Black wool knitted by Mami Pink
Boots: Black leather, River Island
Playsuit: Vintage, altered, from Watermelon
Tights: M&S
Top: Black from UO
Necklace: House of Done

Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing...Xx

Friday, 15 January 2010

Shine a light on: Jarvis Cocker's 6 Music Show

Last Sunday, Jarvis Cocker made his muchly anticipated debut on 6 Music. You can only imagine he'd have a pandora's box full of both stories and records. The man himself said, "It is my intention to fill these hours with as much dodgy opinion, crackpot theories, hare-brained schemes and beautiful, beautiful music as is humanly possible". And that he did. 
Being a radio geek, I was nervous about this show. Nervous for 2 reasons. 1. Sunday afternoon is a sublime slot and possibly one where you can have the most creative reign. Unlike the breakfast shows, you are not obliged to be all alive aliveo, or worker friendly for the midday slot, or brain engaging for the commuters at drive time. Sunday afternoon is quite possibly one of the few times that you tune into a specific show with all your attention. After all, sunday afternoon is pipe and slippers time in your favourite armchair. 2. Was it only gonna be "we were Brit Pop kids, but now we're parents" friendly? Eeek - never did Brit Pop, wasn't even an indie kid. Was too busy listening to LL Cool J. And I definitely ain't a mum yet.

But what Jarvis Cocker delivered was a supremely slick, delightful packaged, two hour showcase. Highlights include: 

  • The entire opening of the show & the Tim Rose song "Snow". 
  • Stephen Fry reading a story by Dave Eagleman from his book "Sum - Forty Tales from the Afterlife." 
  • An interview with John Hilcoat, director of The Road. Also music from the official score by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis.
  • Shirley Bassey's "Diamonds Are Forever"
Listen to last weeks show here. And then listen to all future shows too.


Also he's married/was married(?) to stylist Camille Bidault-Waddington. She's way cool.

Moving-to-London is tomorrow! Yipeee! Ele x
Currently listening to: "Let's Practice"- Lindstrøm & Christabelle

Jarvis photo courtesy of 6 Music.
Camille photo courtesy of purple DIARY.

Shine a light on Kristiana Parn

For Christmas I got myself and Mommy Ele beautiful prints that I found on Etsy. I love little animals (I am like Elmira) and I love pretty prints, Kristiana Parn's work was therefore perfect.

I mean look at this:

Rabbits on a Marshmallow Tree

Makes me melt like a marshmallow on fire :)
She has an Etsy shop:

Enjoy the melting Xx


Thursday, 14 January 2010

sweet charity

Maral and I had a business lunch today for an aural venture we are hoping to collaborate on in the future. Unfortunately we got sidetracked by test driving our new charity shop purchases. I think we both got clothes envy for the other's purchases. This black tuxedo shirt Maz picked up made me dribble with desire. She's also partial to a bit of gypsy chic and nabbed this bright blue shawl. In her first look, Gypsy Rodeo, she went for the buttoned up looked (which we both adore - brute chic all the way), topped off with the shawl and her favourite cowboy neck tie thingymabob. What the heck are these things called? Answers on a postcard comment blog please... Her cute little boot neck tie is a gift from her aunty's American holiday. Dang, I want one. She looks like she is returning from the cattle market and is off for a quick bourbon on the rocks with her ranch husband, before heading out to the rodeo after party. Saddle up and ride that pony! 
Outfit number 2 - the penguin. Maral also had the super bad black and white braces which go supremely with the tuxedo top. It works as a look on it's own but I had this bow tie which we added into the mix. Obviously you are meant to tie it up - but we left it undone and floppy. Victorian school boy style. In fact come to think of it she's like some modern Dorian Grey character.
Gypsy Rodeo: Shirt: Black tuxedo, charity shop. Shawl: Blue floral, charity shop. Neck tie: Cowboy boot, America somewhere. Shorts: Grey/Brown psuedo silk, H&M. Tights: M&S. Shoes: Black Brogues, Office.
The Dorian Grey Penguin: Same as above, except, Braces: Black & white, charity shop. Bowtie: Grey, Uncle Sam's, Oxford.

Had to get a quick shot of her in her worker day wear. Check out the cup of brew. 
Cardigan: Brown/cream winter knit, Zara. Top (dress worn as top): Grey with silver studs, H&M. Skirt: Beige corduroy, originally floor length but D.I.Y shortened, charity shop. Boots: Brown and canvas, River Island.

Wicked dinosaur/skull necklace from Galibardy

During our recky I got this long camel coat and wannabe trilby. Think inspiration for these looks all came from Coco Avant Chanel. The trousers Mummy M found in the sale rack at Topshop. Just like my Mummy M, I love a good bargain. She knows my love of high waisted too well & brought them over. I didn't even try the bad boys on. It was love at first sight. Plus they were only £12.

Outfit: Tshirt: Blue stripey, Jigsaw. Trousers: High-waisted tweed, Topshop. Belt: black leather, Zara. Hat: Hunting green, wannabe trilby, Charity Shop. Short jacket: Beige, granda chic, Gap. Long coat: Beige, grandma chic, Charity Shop. Boots: Beige, dingo boots, etsy. Heels: Black winkles, L.K.Bennent. Collar, fur trim, hand-me-down from Grandma Nagy.


Currently listening to: "Diplomat's Son" - Vampire Weekend