Friday, 15 January 2010

Shine a light on: Jarvis Cocker's 6 Music Show

Last Sunday, Jarvis Cocker made his muchly anticipated debut on 6 Music. You can only imagine he'd have a pandora's box full of both stories and records. The man himself said, "It is my intention to fill these hours with as much dodgy opinion, crackpot theories, hare-brained schemes and beautiful, beautiful music as is humanly possible". And that he did. 
Being a radio geek, I was nervous about this show. Nervous for 2 reasons. 1. Sunday afternoon is a sublime slot and possibly one where you can have the most creative reign. Unlike the breakfast shows, you are not obliged to be all alive aliveo, or worker friendly for the midday slot, or brain engaging for the commuters at drive time. Sunday afternoon is quite possibly one of the few times that you tune into a specific show with all your attention. After all, sunday afternoon is pipe and slippers time in your favourite armchair. 2. Was it only gonna be "we were Brit Pop kids, but now we're parents" friendly? Eeek - never did Brit Pop, wasn't even an indie kid. Was too busy listening to LL Cool J. And I definitely ain't a mum yet.

But what Jarvis Cocker delivered was a supremely slick, delightful packaged, two hour showcase. Highlights include: 

  • The entire opening of the show & the Tim Rose song "Snow". 
  • Stephen Fry reading a story by Dave Eagleman from his book "Sum - Forty Tales from the Afterlife." 
  • An interview with John Hilcoat, director of The Road. Also music from the official score by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis.
  • Shirley Bassey's "Diamonds Are Forever"
Listen to last weeks show here. And then listen to all future shows too.


Also he's married/was married(?) to stylist Camille Bidault-Waddington. She's way cool.

Moving-to-London is tomorrow! Yipeee! Ele x
Currently listening to: "Let's Practice"- Lindstrøm & Christabelle

Jarvis photo courtesy of 6 Music.
Camille photo courtesy of purple DIARY.

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