Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ze Boys, Ze Boys

Wow The Boys are back in town! Looking pretty dapper in their coats and suit. Special mention for Jamie wearing the three piece vintage suit.
Michael is sporting his incredibly stylish Hurwundeki coat and Matt is playing it cool in his sailor's jacket and painted shoes.
Oh how we love these boys.

Album cover?

I tried my best to be as cool as them...

Album cover?

All the photos credit goes to Michael
The braid skills credit goes to me haha, finally managed it!

The Christmas presents are coming out, my sister got me these lovely earings in St Martin and my parents got me this well cool Marc by Marc tshirt.

Tshirt: Love cover, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Skirt: Black leather, vintage
Tights: Mini lovehearts,
Shoes: Butternut Squash Midnight,
Necklace: House of Done
Earrings: Xmas pressie from St Martin.

A Bientot! Xx


  1. Favourite outfit by far. You definitely look as cool as ze boys. Mx

  2. I need that skirt. Love it. xo Mish

  3. this is becoming my most visited web page. always a great read and the clothes are shmert.

    kevron "bookmarked this page" B