Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Origami Girl

Got this little origami in the sale the other day, oh I love a good Bargain! I love the sale, I usually try to get a good designer pair of shoes or bag half price. My best buys ever were my pair of Gucci black stiletos with the two metallic G at the back. Gorgeous, and I still wear them 6 years after buying them! What's your best bargain?!

I think it's a good deal! Saucisse the sausage dog thinks so too.

On these photos you can see the new beautiful xmas lamps, my Flamp in the back, so cool, and the big arc lamp...the bedroom now looks like an Amsterdam brothel, very relaxing!

I got this tshirt at the Fondation Cartier in Paris, it's a photo by Patti Smith.

Tshirt: Tour Eiffell photo, Patti Smith
Skirt: Red origami, Topshop
Tights: Black M&S
Boots: Black leather River Island from last year
Socks: Grey knee high, H&M

Good night everyone Xx


  1. I love these pics! That skirt is really striking, and I would be happy to live in your cosy brothel. X

  2. oh i love the picture of you with the lamp! and also those boots! amazing <3