Saturday, 23 January 2010

Shine a Light On: Childrens Books

As I am a bit late for a clothes post today, I would like to shine a light on something that makes me happy: Childrens books. I have an huge collection of them and everytime I go home to France I read the ones I was reading when I was a child over and over again .
I find them brilliant, they are clever and funny and the drawings stay in your mind forever!
For Christmas I got a few new ones in French, and I also got the complete collection of Roald Dahl!!! I am reading them just now and loving it :)
I wanted to share with you some pictures of these new books:

Des Nouvelles de Mon Chat, Gilles Bachelet
Kuma Kuma et Moi, Kazue Takahashi
Boucle D'or et les Sept Ours Nains, Emile Bravo

Des Nouvelles de Mon Chat is the story of an Elephant who thinks he is a cat, he finds a little cat fiancee and they do cat things together.
Kuma Kuma is a beautiful Japanese book, all in simplicity, about a boy and his bear friend Kuma Kuma. He says things like "I entered the house and it had a little smell of bear". In the summer Kuma Kuma likes to roll on the floor in the sunbeams. Aw.
Boucle d'Or et les Sept Ours a Nain is a hilarious tale that mixes Goldie Locks, Snow Whites, Red Riding Hood and all the classics in one super tale where the bears are freaking out!

I highly recommend them for yourself or for a lovely present. I am sure they are all translated.
I'm always looking out for new ones.  What's your favourite childrens story?

Happy reading everyone! Xx

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