Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snug as a Leopardug in a Rug

Hello! Happy New Year everyone :) Hope you all had great holidays!
Time for the blog to stop being on holiday, which is why there is quite a lot of photos and photos of...the SNOW! It snowed a lot here and was so cold I couldn't go out without my furry gear! I thought maybe animal print tights would keep me warm, I was wrong...
Glasgow looks beautiful under the snow, I wish it could last for 3 months...The streets look like a Dickens novel setting, mid 19th century people walking on the roads, I was expecting horses to come trotting next to me!

My feet were so cold, despite the angora socks, that I almost envied ugly girls in ugly uggs. I sais ALMOST, the snow hasn't froze my fashion brain yet.

Hat: Michael's furry chapka, Gap
Scarf: Brown snood, H&M
Coat: Green TopShop
Jacket: Black big buttons, TK MAXX
Mittons: Genuine sheepskin from a crazy skin/ fur shop in Lyon
Dress: Black bodycon, UO
Tights: Leopard print,
Wellies: Fake Hunters,
Handbag: Faux snakeskin,

Yep I get excited in the snow

See you soon Xx

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  1. Lovin the wellies as the uber winter accessory!