Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Kings Cross

Oyster card, check. London A-Z, check. Camera, ipod, check. Good but slim book for the tube, check. Keys, oh buggar... where are my keys? All pockets empty, check. Where the frig...? Ah yes... in the front door. Just where I left them. Note to self: STOP DOING THIS!! Now, after a couple weeks of walking and exploring this here city, all I need is a job. Oh yeah, and my shoes re-heeled! 
This city has an amazing cross section of people and cultures - inspiration could come from every corner. However this week I have mostly been ogling the tiles and mosaics at the tube stations. So far my favourite is the elaborate mosaics of Tottenham Court Rd (pictures to come)  - but this weeks outfit was inspired by the colour scheme of the tiles at Kings Cross (above). I'm a sucker for a simple block colour print. Slurp. Unfortunately all the colours are a bit washed out here... see the chictopia blog for colours in all their glory! Faux fur is lilac - I repeat LILAC!

Super props to Mummy M in her last post. That braid is inspired! And Ze boys look amaZing. Lock up your daughters.

Here is Marijan rocking the headscarf with the TCR mosaic backdrop.

Shirt: Lumberjack, Rokit 
Cardigan: Cashmere moth eaten, darned to hell, French Connection.
Trousers: Black high-waisted, woolen, Zara.
Belt: Black leather Zara.
Shoes: Steve Madden.
Fur: Lilac faux fur ridiculousness, H&M

This week I have been listening to: Jarvis Cocker - "Disco Eyes" (Pilooski edit)


  1. very cool - nice touch with faux fur! god, lilac, i loveeee that, xx

  2. I love the colour combo!!

  3. I love that colour combo!!

  4. The addition of the fur collar to the aqua cardigan really makes the outfit. So super cute!! I guess it helps that aqua is my favorite color!

  5. I love your fur collar! I am actually looking for one online this second!

  6. Love the trousers. xo Mish