Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Circus act.

Well now... in light of the fact I have not and will not be able to do any sort of outfit posts for a while (lack of tripod & nice people to indulge me) I have put up some old ones. After working a horror shift on New Years I attend an after hours, circus theme party at The Jam Factory. I was the Lion Tamer/Ring Master. Check out the mugs gallery below too.

Jacket: Black & white checkered, button-up hoody, Lux.
Shirt: Men's white tuxedo shirt, Charity Shop
Bow Tie: Men's Charity shop.
Skirt: Black lycra, body con, Topshop.
Shoes: Tan & tweed brogues, Office.


  1. Who the hell are all these clowns?! I would like them to be my friends, they look like they know how to throw a good circus party. The rainbow braces are amazing!


  2. I'm ready to leave home and join the circus! Mx

  3. the bow tie is so good. You have inspired me. xo Mish

  4. I think that these circus freaks need to ditch the caravans and the tents and let themselves loose upon the world. They are so freakin hot right now...honk honk.


  5. I wish I was still able to help you photoshop! I loved our long 'shop sessions.
    Miss you.
    Love Perri x