Thursday, 14 January 2010

sweet charity

Maral and I had a business lunch today for an aural venture we are hoping to collaborate on in the future. Unfortunately we got sidetracked by test driving our new charity shop purchases. I think we both got clothes envy for the other's purchases. This black tuxedo shirt Maz picked up made me dribble with desire. She's also partial to a bit of gypsy chic and nabbed this bright blue shawl. In her first look, Gypsy Rodeo, she went for the buttoned up looked (which we both adore - brute chic all the way), topped off with the shawl and her favourite cowboy neck tie thingymabob. What the heck are these things called? Answers on a postcard comment blog please... Her cute little boot neck tie is a gift from her aunty's American holiday. Dang, I want one. She looks like she is returning from the cattle market and is off for a quick bourbon on the rocks with her ranch husband, before heading out to the rodeo after party. Saddle up and ride that pony! 
Outfit number 2 - the penguin. Maral also had the super bad black and white braces which go supremely with the tuxedo top. It works as a look on it's own but I had this bow tie which we added into the mix. Obviously you are meant to tie it up - but we left it undone and floppy. Victorian school boy style. In fact come to think of it she's like some modern Dorian Grey character.
Gypsy Rodeo: Shirt: Black tuxedo, charity shop. Shawl: Blue floral, charity shop. Neck tie: Cowboy boot, America somewhere. Shorts: Grey/Brown psuedo silk, H&M. Tights: M&S. Shoes: Black Brogues, Office.
The Dorian Grey Penguin: Same as above, except, Braces: Black & white, charity shop. Bowtie: Grey, Uncle Sam's, Oxford.

Had to get a quick shot of her in her worker day wear. Check out the cup of brew. 
Cardigan: Brown/cream winter knit, Zara. Top (dress worn as top): Grey with silver studs, H&M. Skirt: Beige corduroy, originally floor length but D.I.Y shortened, charity shop. Boots: Brown and canvas, River Island.

Wicked dinosaur/skull necklace from Galibardy

During our recky I got this long camel coat and wannabe trilby. Think inspiration for these looks all came from Coco Avant Chanel. The trousers Mummy M found in the sale rack at Topshop. Just like my Mummy M, I love a good bargain. She knows my love of high waisted too well & brought them over. I didn't even try the bad boys on. It was love at first sight. Plus they were only £12.

Outfit: Tshirt: Blue stripey, Jigsaw. Trousers: High-waisted tweed, Topshop. Belt: black leather, Zara. Hat: Hunting green, wannabe trilby, Charity Shop. Short jacket: Beige, granda chic, Gap. Long coat: Beige, grandma chic, Charity Shop. Boots: Beige, dingo boots, etsy. Heels: Black winkles, L.K.Bennent. Collar, fur trim, hand-me-down from Grandma Nagy.


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  1. so much awesomeness in ALL of these! my favorites include the fur coat, and the first one.

  2. Loving Maz's cardi, skirt and necklace ensemble and ele's stripey/fur/peg it (leg)

    Grace x

  3. That food looks delicious! Maybe I'm just hungry right now....

  4. I really like your outfits !!

  5. I really like your outfits !!

  6. I love that first outfit! Hmmmm...Might try to incorporate a tie in the mix today!

  7. Sorry second outfit :)

  8. Thank you!
    I very like the pattern of this blue scarf!