Sunday, 17 January 2010

Polka Pogo

Yesterday started with a very late brunch in our favourite breakfast place in Glasgow, Heart Buchanan. They make eggs benedict like nowhere else, plus the staff are very friendly and even when I am full I end up buying a little cake for later...


The weather has been very mild this weekend, a change from the -10 of last week! It means I was able to wear this little jacket that I got in the sale. £20, bargain. The problem is, when you buy something in the high street shops like River Island, you see people with the same thing as you all the time. In the 10min walk from the flat to HB I saw two girls with this jacket, haha. I'm glad I was wearing it with personal accesories like my favourite sailor hat, this scarf made by my Gran Mami Pink and this new Max C handbag I got for £20. Bargain again.


The day finished with some pogo stick exercise in the staircase! Not the most practical when wearing a playsuit...
I got this playsuit in a vintage shop and got it altered, it's very cute, makes me feel like a guest in the film The Party.

The beautiful necklace I am looking at is a Christmas present from my parents. I adore it, it looks like audio tape. You can play with it and it never looks the same. It's from French designers House of Done.


Jacket: Tartan cloak, River Island
Hat: Sailor hat from Belle Isle
Bag: Grey Max C from
Mittons: Genuine sheepskin from Lyon
Scarf: Black wool knitted by Mami Pink
Boots: Black leather, River Island
Playsuit: Vintage, altered, from Watermelon
Tights: M&S
Top: Black from UO
Necklace: House of Done

Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing...Xx

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