Monday, 11 January 2010

swish, splash, i was taking a bath

Went on a wee fashion outing yesterday - the International Day of Swishing. In theory Swishing is a posh clothes swap -  you know the game, "One man's trash is another man's treasure". Or one woman's fashion faux pas is another woman's find. But in reality swishing is an elbow's out, spit at the ready, full on fashion fist fight. Don't get me wrong - I went home with a few treasures, but I also went home with a nasty taste in my mouth about how some of the ladies behaved at the event. There's no doubt about it that if I'd been a bit more rough and pushy I would have got some even better tit bits - but c'mon, I believe ladies should behave like ladies. Never should a lady forget her manners or etiquette if only to get her greasy paws on a new frock (unless it's this Balmain frock, but that's another universe away.) 
My friend Grace was filming the event for her eagerly anticipated Eco blog, so when it's all edited together I'll pop it on here. There's a point system set out for designer, vintage and high street. You trade in your items and receive tokens, which you then exchange for clothes. Picked up a few choice things, but overall I mostly got fancy dress items for a future Noah's Arc party. In fact , the jacket I am wearing as a dress here was not only picked up for a penguin costume, but was also a last ditch attempt to use up my tokens and escape the scrum. 

It took a whole 24 hours, a few glasses of wine and one tearful viewing of the recent animation Up before I felt ready again to even look at the clothes I got from the Swish. Thank goodness I had my darling friend Maral on hand to help. Maral is one of those gals that does not follow fashions - she always looks individual due to her eagle eye for unique items. Her outfits never look cliched or over-thought, she can look like she just threw it together and it still looks FAB. Furthermore she knows what styles and shapes suit her, which is simply the smartest way to always look smart.
I was showing her this double breasted jacket that is a few sizes too big for me whilst we were discussing the possibility of wearing it as a dress, and before I knew it she has whipped off her own belt and hat and was cinching my waist and crowning my head. Another thing that Maral possesses is a playful attitude with clothes - she's always up for mixing and matching and trying things out so I asked if she fancied helping me put an outfit together. She swiftly came up with the double belt concept and told me to whip out my garish gold alligator heels. Not only a savvy and slick stylist, but also a creative cameraman I think you'll agree. If I can twist her arm I hope to get a wee future feature on her - in the meantime these snaps will have to do. Hats off to Marijan the Iranian beauty!

Ele outfit.
Hat: Faux fur, owned by Maral, lusted by Ele, bought from Urban Outfitters.
Dress/Jacket: Oversized double-breasted black jacket, swished from International Swish
Belts: Light tan belt, charity shop. Dark brown mottled leather from Urban Outfitters.
Tights: Black floral M&S
Shoes: Gold alligator heels, Schuh.

Maz outfit:
Jumper: Black woolen with beautiful croched flowers, flea market in Paris.
Skirt: High-waisted denim, Gap.
Belt: Charity Shop.

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