Thursday, 19 November 2009

Beat the rain!

I have to admit I took my coat off for this one, it was pretty chilly out there but I'm getting used to the Glasgow weather.
I've been playing around with dresses and tops to try and make the most of my wardrobe, and this is one example.
Still need the approval from Mommy Monkey Owl Face tho...I have a feeling she might like it, also, it's slightly similar to her own outfit. Nothing can come between us, not even a few hundred miles!
The necklushie is becoming the centre piece of our outfits, we now buy jackets to match the necklush and not the other way round! Thanks Troy and Stefano and the psychadelic parachute dogs of Necklush...
Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, nearly broke my face trying to make my way round the back garden of my new flat!

Hat: blue sailor hat from Belle Isle, Britanny
Cardigan: Comptoir des Cotoniers
Dress: red bodycon dress from American Apparel
Top: stripy blouse from BDG
Tights: M&S, fell in mommy's bag
Socks: grey warm knee high socks, H&M
Shoes: Brown, buckle boots, vintage
Necklace: Necklushie


  1. ah you look lovely. those boots are the perfect touch to this outfit!

  2. Aw thank you! and cheers for stopping by! come back and see how we are doing :) X