Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fargo, far good.

Smack on the back of my hand from Mumski M as I have been neglecting my BORO duties. This I partly blame on rain, rubbish battery life on my breaking-down camera and the fact I've not been getting glammed up in any glad-rags this week. However, I am always more in favour of comfort over style (is this ok to admit this in the fashion forward world we live in?) and I did not think it appropriate to post pictures of me in sweat pants and a Tintin/Dizzee Rascal/No Doubt Tshirt (delete as appropriate). Acutally, heard a rumour that sports wear is making a big come back so watch out for slobby sweat pant posts. 
Jack Frost is back in town and is frequenting most localities and he has demanded knitwear, fur-lined hats and waterproof footwear. Put it all together and you have this look ------------------> School exchange student meets Frances McDormand in Fargo.

If you wish to see an animated version of this outfit please scrollllllllll down.

Love the fact that Mummy M is the chic French fancy of this website, whilst I am fronting for the tawdry tomboys. Also still very much rolling deep and wide in my high waisted items at the moment. The make of these jeans are F.U's! Which I like to think stands for "eff you mate"! How rude. As all of us who own any kind of posterior will know, the high waisted, skin tight jeans can act as a magnifying glass. But I am trying to take inspiration from the Mahotella Queens... 100% sure these girls didn't have a stylist. And I am 99% hopefully that they were wearing F.U's jeans too, cos they would certainly flick a V to anyone who didn't get their look. Mahotella Queens - voices of angels and bottoms of inspiration!! Include a song of theirs below for you too...


Here is one of their songs. Beautiful Africa beat for your pleasure - by their flares you might be able to tell that they were at the height of their fame during the late 70's. And they are still going today...

Real Hi-NRG, HD quality, VHS format video below. Watch me strip off.

If you like the intro I've used in this video... you've been listening to Mirage, modern day disco from the Italians Do It Better Label. Download this song here
Mirage - Still Looking For Luv
Hat: Faux fur, waxed green hunting hat, Rokit 
Jumper: White snowflake knitted number, thirfted. 
Jacket: Brown leather gift from Stuart at FOUND
Jeans: Label says F.Us, brought from FOUND 
Shoes: Reebok Freestyle hi-tops, 25 Anniversary edition, Office

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