Friday, 4 December 2009

Lean Mean Bean Killing Machine

Im loving Mommy's high waisted mama bum fashion, she rocks them :)
Today's post is a double: day and night.
Daytime outfit is a combination of new and old, my new favorite shirts, new lovely tights, presents from Mommy, vintage butternut squash fantastico boots and vintage skirt and vest.
Nightime outfit is all chic and French! I went to a Fundraising dinner for Glasgow contemporary art venue Studio Warehouse. It was great fun, tables were hosted with artists like Jim Lambie, Martin Boyce, Robert Carlisle, and special guest Pam Hogg for the opening of her exhibition. Pretty wacky. She was pretty low key: mini spandex caplet, spandex leggings and yellow hair. Way cool.
Also cool music artists like Optimo DJ Johnny Wilkes.

Right enough name dropping.
Most important is that I got to wear an amazing mini beret made by my friend William Chambers, the best milliner in the UK, see by yourself.
A mini beret for a mini French girl, how cliche you're gonna say. Well maybe, but it worked wonders, my biggest momment was when this tall model in the toilet (still twice my size even with my high heels) said "Aw you look like...Amelie". Cheers, pal.
Merci Willie!!!

Now you tell me what you think.


Shirt: studdy, tartany plaid shirt, BDG
Vest: vintage from real Mim, originally from Amsterdam
Skirt: leather vintage from last year
Tights: polka dots, M&S, present from Mommy
Shoes: Butternut squash midnight booties, vintage,

Oh yeah, new haircut too :)


Eh, should have probably slowed down on the Terracota here, Hello Clownie!

Dress: shimmery wooly dress, All Saints
Jacket: mini tuxedo, H&M
Tights: cute wee lovehearts,
Shoes: red high patent leather, Free Lance
Bangle: present from Ponette from Miami
Earrings: chosen by lovely Michael, Metal Pointu
Hat: Amazing mini beret, on loan,

Oh yeah, love beans. SCBz.


  1. So So So Cute! You are adorable! Thank you for letting me know about you!

  2. Hello Clownie!!!
    In the words of Diana Ross... "I'm coming up!!"

    You're outfit x 2 looks lovely.

    Love from Serena xx

  3. katie holmes with a french touch congratulations you're so "class" .

    french and anonymous

  4. Lovelovelove your day look SO much! That skirt is just perfect!

    And your red heels are so gorge x