Thursday, 10 December 2009

Parellel Post

Good Morning Troopers! 

First off - Mummy M looked super hot as the MFF (Mini French Fancy) in the night time outfit of her most recent post. Wowzers - my eyes almost popped out and a bit of dribble escaped me. Also, her day time outfit was super - loving the total mix of colours, patterns and textures. In fact she was such an inspiration I had to go and do a copycat post. If you combine Mummy M's inspiring outfit with the fact I had to attend a similarly fancy art event all resulted in this parallel post.

Last night I went to a charity art auction. The charity, called The Art Room, is an Oxford and London based scheme which works with kids who are having trouble working in mainstream schools. They use the medium of art to help encourage the kids to have more self-confidence, self-esteem and pride. It's a real cool set up which allows these kids to come away from their regular classes to this incredibly inspiring space to create something beautiful. These rooms are a feast for the eyes - they are decorated in amazing art works (by the kids and well recognised artists) and the walls are stacked with paints, jars of buttons, jewels, feathers etc. It's like an aladdin's cave of pure delight. Here they create some amazing things, not just 2d pictures, but they decorate chairs, plates, make puppets... objects they can be proud of and take home. Essentially, it's a bloody good ting. 

So last night they had an auction to raise them some cash money at the Parasol Unit, foundation for contemporary arts. They gave 50 artists a sketch book and they were allowed to decorate it how ever they wished... Some of the artists that were contributed are: Jake and Dinos Chapman, Paula Rego, Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Chris Riddell, Tom Astley.  There were some amazing pieces last night which you can check out HERE.
It's an amazing organisation - look 'em up.

Enough of my nitter natter - lets talk shop.


Kept it simple and cosy yesterday because I was running errands. Cosy cashmere for warmth, comfy shoes for running & Grandma Nagy's belt for nostalgia. My Nagymama used to have a sausage dog as a pet called Bimbo. My Nagy loved this dog - to excess! She would collect all kinds of sausage dog memorabilia which I have been lucky enough to inherit. 

Outfit Jumper: Green cashmere, thrifted.
Belt: Sausage Dog buckle belt, gift from my Grandma Nagy.
Skirt: Black denim, high-waisted, American Apparel.
Tights: 40 denier (ha!) M&S
Brogues: Tweed & tan leather, Office


Pretty much a copycat/monkeymimic of Margaux! When going to a posh event at which when you need to cut the fine line between stylish but not over styled; don a little LBD, jazz it up with jazzy tights, and if you are lucky enough, get your greasy paws on one of William Chamber's pieces of headgear. Go click on Willie's link and pour over some of his fabulous creations which have been perfectly captured in the divine photography of Niall Walker. Roisin Murphy is one of his many fans, she chose to wear one of his pieces on her 2007 tour. His hats have previously featured in some of the campaigns for Glasgow's must-be-seen-at-night, Death Disco. I have looked in my crystal ball and I can predict it will not be long 'til we see Grace Jones wearing one too. Come on Gracie - catch up!

Outfit Dress: Black lycra & chiffon sleeves, Zara
Tights: Wee hearts, tabio
Shoes: Pointy smarties, donated from real Mum, originally LK Bennet
Jacket: Tweed & Velvet collar, gift from real Mum, originally Laura Ashely
Hearwear: Beautiful head piece made from metal grey ribbon, made by the one and only WILLIAM CHAMBERS!

Me and another one of my Mums - SukiMum.


  1. umm both these outfits are amazing! That belt is awesome- I love it!!

  2. Fitty in the black dressy, and I luuurve those tights. I love the 20's chic mixed with 80's glam and a dash of tweed, wouldn't have thunk of that one x

  3. Thank you!
    Oh I love this jacket!
    my drawings are just for a drawing course in university, for getting better :)