Friday, 4 December 2009

Style Chain Gang

So being like a newbie (or whatevs the correct internet lingo is for newcomer) I dinnae know a thing aboot this Style Chain thing... but I want in on the Style Chain Gang! Saw this over at This Time Tomorrow, run by the lovely Krystal. She has been the source of plenty of inspiration for Mummy M and myself - and now more than ever. Don't feel too bad about thieving/being inspired by her as she was previously inspired by Julie from Orchid Grey and Christina from Second Skin. We are all like dominos. Hope they don't mind me muscling in on this one... 

Krystal from This Time Tomorrow

Christina from Second Skin

Julie from Orchid Grey

Initially I tried this look minus the tweed jacket and although it looked pretty snazzy, it wasn't photographing very well. Dunno why like. Also these tights are a damn lot bluer on film then really life. Going for dinner my girls tonight (aka The Wheels) so this outfit is gonna get road tested. Varrrooooom.

My colour inspiration for this outfit was from a tapestry (yes this is a tapestry!!) that I picked up in France... ve morning I wake up and she is peeking at me from the end of my bed. I can't wait for my next flat - this is going to be the icon piece for inspiration for the whole flats vibe and decor. 70's sultery chamber for minx and her pussy.

Jacket: Tweed, Old school M&S, aka St Michael's, gift from real mum.
Scarf: Huge, itchy, three-tone pink number, thrifted from Watermelon, Glasgow.
Skirt: Tartan pencil skirt (hitched up to mini-size with the belt), hand-me-down from Kate, originally Topshop.
Belt: Tan leather, some vide grenier in France.
Shoes: Tan cowboy dingoes, Toriamunoz 's etsy shop


  1. Outfit is super cute! But that tapestry is awesome!

  2. I could have sworn I commented on this but I don't see it here! Oh well! Blogsville can confuse me sometimes. I would have told you that your version is SO Great and that I love the addition of the blazer and the way that your tights don't cover your feet! I didn't even know about these style chains either, I was just COPYING and paying tribute to a very stylish girl. I think the magic happened when Krystal picked it up at This Time Tomorrow. Or maybe he magic is with Orchid Grey. I don't know but it is really exciting to see the look reinterpreted.

  3. Oh and your tapestry is the be all end all of cool as hell.

  4. this is beautiful, and I love your photo setting! great interpretation too! also that cat/woman tapestry is rad rad rad! like something I would have on my wall!