Monday, 14 June 2010

There is a life after Football

Happy Monday Borrowers!! Yes I survived the first World Cup weekend, but it wasn't easy...Although I managed to get a good deal: one game = one post. I think it's fair enough :) I've got about 4 posts overdue already!
I thought I would take a little break before showing you Essaouira to get back to more outfit related posts.

First of all, mega kudos to my super Mommy E for her amazing outfit + post. Can't wait for our July reunion, we will be making dindins and listening to Jazz, dancing in the kitchen. I'm listening to Joshua Redman just now. Also at the end, a SHOP update!

Rhododendrons are my favourite, they are one of the reasons I love Scotland. Come May and everywhere in the countryside and city centre you can see bushes or forests of wild rhodo.

Details of Morocco treasures: leather satchel, silk scarf and Berber bracelets.

Michael, style genius, look at this layering of shirts, with my shirt that I didn't want to carry!

And the boys, kicking the ball of course, what else should we be doing between two football games?

Have you been suffering from the World Cup?
 I think I'm starting to like it...(hypnotised robot voice on)

Shirt: Denim, Primark
Top: Agnes b. shear stripy top, from ages ago
Skirt: blue skater skirt, BDG at UO
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
Scarf: Cactus silk from Morocco
Bag: leather studed satchel, from Morocco
Bracelets: Berber bracelets, wood and silver, from Morocco

By the way, we have started an Etsy shop, it's very small at the moment (2 articles, don't know if it can be called a shop?) so go an have a look, and we promise you more very soon :)
Etsy shop - a lovely beige trench coat and a little tapestry bag on just now.
I also have a gorgeous pair of Marc Jacobs boots for sale, they were on Ebay but the listing ended. They are blue, size 4 (UK), never worn, £90, a total bargainm they were on sale for £385!! Email me if you are interested and I will send more photos and details.

Oooh lovely...Think about it ;)


  1. I like your outfit a lot.
    Thanks for the lovely comment.
    I do not have a favorite poet. I usually go to Barnes and Noble, and sit there for hours reading different poems.
    I'm mostly interested in the Chinese ones with English translations.. Chinese poets write in beautiful ways.


  2. Love love love your pleated skirt and your morocco treasures are adorable. I love the world cup... of course I watched the england vs usa game. What a shitty goal.

  3. love this outfit - the skirt the shoes the bag! fabulous xoxox

  4. the hasbeens and the socks!! so cute. i love the things you've paired them with too.

  5. I found myself being drawn to stripes this season and then read in an early spring issue of Vogue (at the doctors office) nonetheless, that stripes are big this spring/summer. It made me feel so hip.

  6. I want want want your Swedish Hasbeens. They are the best clogs ever!

  7. ooh those hasbeens are so worth it though! i know what you mean about finding scotland based bloggers - i get a little bit excited!
    thanks for your sweet comment. damn i keep looking at those marc boots, if i was a size 4 i would be nabbing them off you right now

  8. Thank you for your comment on my blog!
    Your blog is interesting.
    Lovely photos!!

  9. Love the bag ! gorgeous

    XOXO, C.

  10. thank you so much for following the box! dedication is always appreciated ^_^
    looove the satchel, i'm really craving one right now!

    chantelle xx

  11. oh i would love to own those boots!

  12. Oh love your skirt its just so pretty!
    Great pictures!

  13. ooo the sheer stripes on your top are haute!! and hehe are those the clogs that Annabel from Blushing Ambition blogged about recently?

    Hey I saw that you commented on Jennie's 'The Feeling is Mutual' post from Going West - and I was just stopping by cause I made a DIY shoe chain jewelry project that is kind of similar.


  14. Cute, lovely dress and skirt, we like this outfit, kisses from France

    Olivia & Mariam

  15. I love that skirt and I want those boots in the last pic, so cute!