Saturday, 5 June 2010

Morocco part 2 - Les Souks and La Mamounia

More from Marrakech. In the afternoon, we decided to hit the Souks, those crazy markets where you get lost and are "guided" by nice guys to their "friend's shop" and end up buying more than you would have liked! But we are not silly Gazelles, and got some really good deals. Result: 4 scarves, 1 leather studded satchel, 1 straw hat, some spices, argan oil, rose tea, ambre cubes, 2 bowls, one mirror, 2 candle holders...and that's only in Marrakech! Morocco is shopping paradise, but I only had a small bag so had to be reasonable.

Also introducing: Mathilde. We have been friends for 19 years  and still laugh as hard as day 1. She's so beautiful all the Moroccan guys wanted to marry her.

Spices, Chech after dying process, many colours, textures, smells...
We stopped on this square, right in the Medina in a lovely place called Le Cafe des Epices where we had Moroccan salad and a bit of freshness...

To relax after the heat and craziness of the souks we headed to the Palace La Mamounia. We had no idea how luxurious the place would be (I suppose "Palace" should have given us a hint...). It was absolutely gorgeous, 3 beautiful men opened the doors for us, looking like they were straight our Aladin or The Arabian Nights with white veal and gold belts. The waiters looked much posher than us and we felt a bit bad in our sandals and jeans. But after one mojito (or more like two since I managed to spill the first one...can't take ma anywhere!) we forgot all about it and devoured our grilled almonds.

The place is surrounded by a park of palm trees, bougainvilliers and orange trees. It was redecorated by Jacques Garcia. Churchill spent his holidays there and this is where the Moroccan King stays when he is in Marrakech.

Mit looking regal.

One last stop on the trip: Essaouira, which I will make you discover in a couple of days. Hope you are enjoying the visit :)
Now I'm off to the restaurant for my Birthday !
Have a great weekend little Borrowers.

Top: Comptoir des cotonniers
Jeans: H&M
Sunglasses: Aviator, RayBans
Hat: UO
Bag: Manhattan Portage
Jewellery: Traditional Berbere silver
Scarf: Cactus silk from the souk

Top: Silk stripy top, BDG at UO
Jeans: Asos
Sandals: leather, UO
Bag: Leather, Primark
Scarf: Cactus silk from souk


  1. French chicks look hot in foreign countries xxx

  2. Cool pictures ! You must spend a good time !

  3. Wow, so so beautiful!


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    have followed you too!!really like this cute cosy blog!


  5. Lovely!! Essaouira is my absolute favorite of all the coastal towns in Morocco!! I could have spent entire days just sittting on the shore eating up fresh caught and grilled fish. I have always regretted that I didn't buy a haik while I was there - the heavy woven pieces of fabric the woman of the town traditionally wear, rather than djelaba which is worn in the rest of the country. They were really interesting pieces.

    Did you get to spend any time in Fez? It's my favorite of all the Moroccan cities.

  6. Awww you guys look so lovely. I love the pics of the hanging fabrics.

  7. Gah I'm so jealous of your location. It sounds and looks beautiful. I really love your striped shirt and shoes. You look very comfy/chic :)

  8. Thanks for sweet comment :) Nice photos!
    -Anna and Jenny

  9. Okay Mathilde's hat is great. And the fabrics in your photos are amazing. What a treat.

    ps - the giveaway is open to overseas readers!!'s the Pyramid Spiked Bangle. come on over and throw your info in! :)

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  11. Wow, I'd love to go shopping there, I bet the bags were amazing!

    Kb from I Want You To Know