Friday, 11 June 2010



Doodletonguing is a multiple tongue technique used to facilitate smooth, fast legato playing on the slide trombone. Its main use has been in the performance of jazz.

I have had to listen to a lot of jazz shows at work recently. Just by pure aural osmosis you pick up loadsa tit bits of info. Did you know that Louis Armstrong's nickname Satchmo is a shortened version of his original nickname - Satchelmouth? Apparently called so because he's mouth looked like a Satchel? Well I never and Wtf?

I'm gonna start caling Margaux, "Clutchbabo" - why I hear you scream? Cos she has a Bouche like a Clutch Bag of course! So my mind has been finally tuned into the jazz. I even started cracking up in the supermarket when I noticed you could be Loose Jazz Apples. One bit and you'll be banging out a tune on the old joanna like Duke Ellington... Be bap b bo doo wap!

If I could forever wear Nana high waisted, tapered pants I would. Pure love 'em. Something about sherbert lemon colour in the summer too - winner. Last season gladiators still serving me well until they fall to pieces. I predict this will happen half way thru my holiday in Barcelona next week. Watch this space for holiday snaps and bare feet. Also this necklace wish kinda just looks like a rope is in fact made out of recycled shop tags... tried to find a photo of the things on the tinternet but alas no. They are half metal cone thingys sprayed yella and strung together. It's from Cos. It's nice cos it is entirely made from the shops surplus. Captain Planet!

Is it a monster? Is it Pat Butcher? Naw it's a Wild Gorilla! Me and Will spotted it in Notting Hill! Naw japes blud!

And this weird black hole shaped like a man. It's like he just got beamed to another galaxy or sum sheeet!

Oriol - Joy FM
Belleville Triplets - Belleville Rendezvous
James Blake - Air and Lack of.

James Blake new favourite at the moment. Stripped back production of some sparse dubstep with warped vocals in a homage to RnB. So utterly simply but so captivating. Check him. Dummy interview here. Dummy review of EP here. James Blake myspace here. Listen to song below.... do it!


  1. I like your outfit.


  2. LOVE the handbag. The whole look really.

  3. Hair. Sunnies. Bag. Sandals. Those are all my favorites.

  4. I just love that video of ' Les triplés de Bellerive' !! its great :)

    XOXO, C.

  5. Great outfit ! I love your bag ! Funny video !

  6. Love your outfit and the large Gorilla is rather awesome!

  7. Those high waist pants are ridiculously awesome. And I love the fat ladies squeezing out of the cars in the Les triplés de Bellerive video.