Saturday, 13 February 2010

Everything Is Going To Be All Right

This morning we went to see the exhibition "What You See Is Where You're At" at the Modern Art Galleries in Edinburgh. They were showing all their collection, including some brilliant Martin Boyce and Charles Avery.

I wore this lovely vintage Aztec skirt that I got on Etsy.
I love these ankle boots that I got in France about 2 years ago, I just got them repaired and can't stop wearing them.

The beautiful landscape in the garden is called Landform Ueda and was designed by Charles Jencks.

Cardigan: Black wool cardi, present from real Mom, Comptoir des Cotonniers
Top: Black bodycon dress worn as top, UO
Skirt: Aztec, vintage from Etsy
Ankle Boots: Grey from France.

Yep, everything is going to be just fine :) Lovely, lovely weekend in Edinburgh.


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  1. Your skirt is seriously fabulous!! I love how you styled it!