Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shine A Light On: - Rudi Zygadlo and the Dummy tip-off


(Photo by Angue Maguire)

Now then, now then, do you like music? Are you one of those people that is always on top of fresh and inspiring new music? Well maybe you will like the online music publication DUMMY. It's a corker. With loads of curve ball features, music and gig reviews and hot tips on emerging artists. It's simply unmissable for music heads. New feature Everywhere Else is a one stop shop for all sorts of musical gizzzm from all over the internet. Then there is a brilliant interview with Ikonika here, a super review of Caribou's latest album Swim here and they have recently featured the super bad wicked...
Rudi Zygadlo.
A gent that we featured a while ago too. You see him here. You see him there. We featured him for his well put together look (see photos above) but he has just released his debut album, "Great Western Laymen" on Planet Mu and it's an absolutely magnificent debut. It's unlike anything I have ever heard before. Imagine dancefloor worthy basslines intertwined with angelic choir-like vocals and everything else in between. Mary Anne Hobbs of Radio 1 gets all breathless any time she plays his stuff. I'm not going to go into any more detail here because I think you should make up your own. You can listen to it on Rudi's myspaz. Read my review at Dummy. Or buy it over at itunes. Or listen on the video below.

Here at BORO we are right music heads. Marguax went to see Pavement last night. I am thoroughly excited about heading off the electronic music festival in Barcelona, Sonar, to see the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Nosaj Thing (especially his live visual show - link below) and the list could go on & on & on & on & on. Any of recommendations of who you guys are listening to at the moment are welcomed with open ears!

This Weeks Playlist:
Rudi Zygadlo - Resealable Friendship
Caribou - Sun
Nosaj Thing - IOIO


Nosaj Thing's test video of his visual show....

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