Monday, 19 April 2010

Taking the Goat on a Ride

Took the Goat for a little ride after work today. Found a pretty lane just round the corner from the flat. The Goat was very happy. And so was I (as shown on the above creepy photo).

Got these lovely tights on, had to wait a good 4 weeks for them to arrive but it was well worth it! And then, I dropped Michael's bike on my leg, they are both scarred forever. Makes me look tough though.

Bought this gorgeous jacket last year, it's Agnes b. but I got it in a charity shop for cheap: bargain hunter! It's so soft it's like being in my pyjamas. (Apologies for the granny tights look...)

Amazing Indian buttons detail.

Back on the road for more adventures.

Jacket: Grey velvet Blouson Fifre, Agnes b.
Blazer: Grey Silence + Noise
Cardigan: Grey Comptoir des Cotonniers
Dress: TopShop
Tights: Calvin Klein, from
Shoes: Black Brogues, Schuh
Bike: Goat.


  1. The button looks like the design of the old Indian Head Nickel we used to have here in the colonies, way back around the late 1800s. I think.

  2. Such a cute outfit, the shoes especially. Perfect for cycling around in!