Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hubble Date

Went on a Hubble Date at the IMAX Cinema. It was fantastic. 3D Glasses are definitely the best accessory! Hubble 3D is a documentary about...well Hubble and the Universe. It's absolutely brilliant, makes you feel all small and funny to know that the Earth is only a tiny wee thing compared to what's out there.
Did I mention it was narrated by the one and only Leonardo Di Caprio...I always knew we would be reunited somehow!

Everything I am wearing, apart from my shoes, is under £10 and it makes me very proud. The shoes, are Marc Jacobs. They were a present to go work in San Francisco. I wore them straight away when I arrived, and it rained for 2 weeks! The blue is now tainted green on the sides...I try to look after them now.

Blouse: Thrifted, St Michael silk blouse
Vest: Vintage white from Mom, originally Amsterdam
Trousers: BDG from UO high waisted blue cropped trousers
Socks: Little white sockets from
Shoes: Marc Jacobs

Flying away in the Hubble Bubble...


  1. wow love these photos, so classic

  2. very cute outfit! i love whereever you took these pictures too!

  3. i am ridiculously in love with your shoes :O
    loving the blog
    great posts
    stop by some time! xx

  4. We luuuuuve this post! you look so cool. and love your shoes! see you tomorrow for adventure day

  5. Very cool and casual!! I love your shoes!! xoxoxoxo

  6. 1. An amazing date!!! =)
    2. I love those shoes. Entirely and completely.

  7. Loving the classic yet cute look of this outfit, what a great backdrop!

    xx from San Francisco,

  8. your shoes are so cute! i want them!

  9. swift. i like the location of this post too.

  10. Love the pants & adorable shoes