Friday, 16 April 2010

Good Twin // Bad Twin


Who's a lucky girl then? Me! I was spoilt rotten with not 1, but 2(!) visits from Maman Margaux and Mikey.

 After a Greek salad in Camberwell's most delightful cafe, Johansson's (read a review here) and some cryptic crosswords we went home for some photos and to do what we do best: EAT MORE. Mommy Ele made us an amazing fish in spicy breadcrumbs and almonds - we should have taken photos. Yumster. Gave us some energy for our night out to see Rudi Zygadlo at the UK's No 1 small club, Corsica Studios. Read about Rudi and listen to his music in a previous post here. Check back soon for another outfit post and review with the man himself....

Mikey still looking fresh after a night's travel.

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E + M
Good Twin + Evil Jazz Twin

Mommy E
Dress: Denim H&M
Waistcoat: Vintage, originally belonged to her Pops.
Brogues: Tweed, Office
Necklace 1: Necklushie
Necklace 2: Cos

Mommy M
Cardigan: Comptoir des Cotonniers
Skirt: Topshop Bodycon (Borrowed from Mommy Ele)
Top: Vintage silk and lace nighty
Tights: Tabio mini love hearts with ladders
Brogues: Giraffes, UO
Necklace: UO, borrowed from Mommy Ele as well

Polo: Top Man
Jeans: Cheap Monday, UO
Boots: Ebay

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