Thursday, 25 March 2010

Office Outfits pt.1

Blog buttons are back on track. All systems go go go.
This week I have started my new temporary job. Now, two super sweet things have come from this....

No 1. I have to step up to the office outfit challenge. Looks need to be a little smarter... sleeker... It has started a burning desire from deep inside me to start wearing suits. Thinking about an overseas trip just so I can go and get some smart, three-piece, tailored suits made for me.

No 2. I get to lunch with the brilliant Maz everyday! She has appeared in previous posts for her sassy style. Oldest and dearest friend and now fellow workmate! It's super!

Miss my French Super Mummy!

Jacket: Black trench, Gap
Scarf: Mccolgan tartan, gift.
Trousers: High waisted, tweed, peg trousers, Topshop.
Handbag: Vintage, Mr Bens, Glasgow
Shoes: Vintage, etsy. Seller: le petit dame
Skirt: Whistles
Shirt: Denim vintage, Rokit London
Bag: Brown leather, asos
Belt: Faux Zebra, asos.
Coat: Black Sheeps skin, Charity Shop, Blue Cross, Summertown Oxford
Glasses: Grandad Ken, real prescription. Should of gone to Specsavers.


  1. I am loving that scarf! I hope that the new job is going well! :)

  2. great work outfits!! Cute blog!!